“Yoga is not about self-improvement, it’s about self-acceptance.”
—Gurmukh Kaur Khalsa


As people in larger bodies, we’re often reminded of the amount of space we take up and so we do our best to appear smaller than we really are.

We dim our light.

We hunch over. We place ourselves in corners. We wear clothes that cover our abundance. We make self-depricating jokes about our bodies.

We decrease the magnitude, the magnificence, and the power of our presence.

We deserve better and as expressions of the divine, we know better.

Join Demetria in a two-hour kundalini yoga practice of self-healing and self-acceptance.  You’ll experience:

  • breath work to experience the magnificence of your breath, lungs, and body
  • exercises to release any tension, residual trauma, fears, and blocked energy in your body
  • meditation (with mantra) to heal yourself so that you can heal others.

Date: Friday December 12th, 2014
Time: 7-9 pm
Cost: $22 + processing fee
Registrations: Click here to purchase tickets on Eventbrite.

Yoga for Abundant Bodies is an all levels, abundant body loving, intentional, sacred, and judgement-free practice of individual and communal self-care,self-love, and self-acceptance for people of all ethnicities, gender expressions, and orientations under, above, and around the rainbow.

About the Teacher: Demetria Jackson is a Canadian-born Jamaican feminist metaphysicist, breakthrough coach, career strategist, and Kundalini Yoga teacher.
Much of Demetria’s work is grounded in the principles of care-based activism and focuses on helping feminists, activists, and healers find economic independence, giving them more timemore energy, and more power to transform the oppressive systems that make it nearly impossible for us to live in our truth. See more at www.theprofessionalfeminist.com