Sunday, March 15th

White Bird in a Golden Cage:
Group Sharing Circle
(Online Only)

with Gurushabd Khalsa & Har-Prakash Khalsa

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Please note: Given the current state of the COVID-19 outbreak, we have decided to host this event online, via Zoom, instead of in person. If you have already signed up, you will receive an email instructing you on how to join. If you have yet to sign up, click the links below to join one of our circles 🙂

Pamela Sahara Dyson worked closely with Yogi Bhajan for 17 years. She just came out with a beautiful, freeing, and infuriating memoir detailing her time with him. This is the first time that someone has published a book revealing the abuse of power that Yogi Bhajan wielded, including having sexual relationships with some of his students.

These events took place 35 years ago, but they still impact how we practice Kundalini Yoga now. They are engrained in our lineage and history. If you are interested in reexamining the mythologies and narratives you tell yourself about Kundalini Yoga and Yogi Bhajan, we hope you will consider reading White Bird in a Golden Cage. It’s tough, but critical for those who are deeply connected to Kundalini Yoga.

We invite you to join us for an online guided group circle to discuss the book and share the questions, feelings, and ideas that it brings up. We will be a mix of Kundalini Yoga students, teachers, and community members of all types of experience. We hope this will be an opportunity for us to connect as a community in a healing way. All experiences are welcome, no matter your views on the book. You do not need to have read the book to participate, though it may be helpful in order to understand the experience of others.

Date & Time

We are offering 2 times to choose from on Sunday, March 15th, online, via Zoom. Click the link beside the meeting time to join us now.

1:30 pm – 4:30 pm (please join no later than 1:35 pm):

5:00 pm – 8:00 pm (please join no later than 5:05 pm):

Sign Up (Required)

This online event is free and open to all Kundalini Yoga students and teachers.


Discussion Format & Guidelines

Here are a few guidelines for this group discussion:

  • We will focus on sharing and processing our individual experiences
  • We will hold others’ experiences the way we wish our own to be held (i.e. kindly)
  • We will seek to connect to others from the heart
  • We will follow a set discussion format and wait our turns to speak
  • We will steer clear of trying to convince anyone of anything, or debating particular facts

The discussion format will likely be:

1. Introductions
2. Take turns sharing our personal experience with the group (i.e. feelings)
3. Take turns reflecting on what has been said and how it’s landing with you
4. End by taking turns sharing gratitude for something

A few things to know:

1. This sharing circle is a private, intimate session where we will be sharing our personal experiences. Please keep the personal details of the other participants confidential.
2. Everyone will be given a chance to share in the discussion, so please be ready to speak a little about what you’re going through, or what’s coming up for you. It’s a discussion after all.

Here are a few questions to reflect on beforehand if you need some prompting to gather your thoughts.

1. What are you feeling? This feelings list may be helpful.
2. Are those feelings connected to any unmet needs for you? This needs list may be helpful.
3. What does Yogi Bhajan’s behaviour mean for you personally? How might it affect your practice, lifestyle, identity, or spirituality?
4. What’s important for you, personally, moving forward?
5. What’s important for you, in relation to the community, moving forward?

About the Hosts

Our sharing circle is hosted by a daughter/father team, Gurushabd Khalsa and Har-Prakash Khalsa. Har-Prakash joined the Toronto Kundalini Yoga community in the 1980’s, and Gurushabd grew up in the community. Gurushabd is Director of Lotus Yoga, Toronto’s Kundalini Yoga studio. Har-Prakash is an integral part of several Kundalini Yoga teacher training teams in the GTA. We are both individually processing our own feelings about the book, and have found it healing to share our feelings openly with others. We hope to provide the same space for you.