The rattle has been used for centuries by many traditions all over the world. To this day, it is still an integral tool in many shamanic ceremonies and healing practices. The rattle is an easy instrument to play and can be a great way to bring more music into your life. It can also be used to clear any negativity from your home, body, mind and soul.

Join Devjeet Kaur in this workshop to relearn the ways of our ancestors and bring balance back to Gaia. The space will be held with the highest intention to bring harmony to all living beings and to raise the planetary frequency to that of infinite love. Please, feel free to bring your own healing intentions, as the process of creating your own sacred instrument can be very powerful and transformational.

Part I of our journey in rattle making focuses on assembling our rattles, understanding its powers and activating its medicine through intention. The rattles are made with deer rawhide, sinew and carved wood gathered from local Ontario forests. In many native traditions, the deer symbolizes compassion, gentleness and love. The hides provided have been sourced from a small Canadian company that has kept the ways of our ancestors and honors the life of each animal.

Part II of the workshop is optional, and is held the following Sunday October 26th from 1:30PM-3PM. This part of the workshop focuses on giving birth to our new instrument. You can add your own unique touch with paint, beads and feathers- which will be provided by the organizer. Feel free to bring your own special items to include or to put inside your rattle. Finally we will give life to our new companion and share beautiful medicine songs together!!

Part 1, Sunday October 12th
Part 2, Sunday October 26th

Time:  1:30PM-3:30PM

Cost: $40 + HST

Registration: Click here to reserve your spot online, or email us at [email protected] / call 647-678-2337.