Saturday November 12th

Tea Mixology

with Dr. Chelsea Schreiner, ND

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Please note this event has been cancelled. Contact Dr. Chelsea Schreiner ND to inquire about future dates. With cooler weather upon us, nothing is better than a warming cup of tea, especially a blend you’ve created yourself!  In this 1-hour workshop, you will learn the healing wisdom of some commonly used herbs, how to pair them, and how-to’s on brewing, so you can create your own unique blend to take home.


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About the Teacher

Dr. Chelsea Schreiner, ND has been a tea lover almost as long as she has been a nature lover. Today, she is known to offer a cup of tea in her Naturopathic practice at River Rock Health and she is rarely seen without one herself.  Blending Naturopathic knowledge of herbs and tea expertise, Chelsea loves inspiring people to enjoy a multitude of healing infusions.