Everyone is a natural healer. We have an innate capacity to heal ourselves and others. Healing can occur through a gentle touch, specific techniques such as massage and reiki, or simply through one’s presence. On the subtlest level, we heal with our thoughts, intentions, and prayers. We invite you to join us this summer as we develop our ability to heal one another.

In her Master Workshops On Healing, Sat Dharam Kaur will share yogic wisdom originally taught by Yogi Bhajan to expand your capacity to heal. Learn practical techniques to increase the healing energy of your hands, tune in to awareness and intuition, develop your healing presence, and heal others without taking on their emotional pain. In both sessions you will learn unique massage techniques and meditations. You’ll have the opportunity to practice healing others and receive healing from others. Each session includes take-home instructions for you to continue practicing at home.

Sign up for one or both workshops and explore this beautiful power that we all share.

Thurs June 30th6:30-9:00 pm
Learn how to access and deepen your healing ability. We’ll explore Yogi Bhajan’s 3 Laws of Healing, learn his map for foot reflexology, and practice a relaxing foot massage. We’ll learn to listen with our whole beings to develop intuition and become a channel for healing. We’ll practice Nada Brahma – relaxation and massage techniques to hear the unstruck sound. You will increase your sensitivity, develop the healing flow in your hands, and increase your capacity to touch people with love and deep caring. Please bring 1 clean washcloth for this workshop.

Register for just workshop #1:
$40 Early Bird Price
by June 23rd, $45 Regular Price

Thurs July 21st, 6:30-9:00 pm
Learn how to radiate your healing presence, perfect the power of prayer, and project your healing intentions with potency and purity. We’ll develop the Pranic Body so you have overflowing vitality to transmit to others.  You will learn to keep yourself clear and rejuvenated without taking on someone else’s stuff. You’ll also learn Yogi Bhajan’s guidelines for using colour and visualization to deepen the impact of your healing, and practice and receive his unique Stress Release Massage.

Register for just workshop #2:
$40 Early Bird Price
by July 14th, $45 Regular Price

Register for workshops #1 + #2:
$70 Early Bird Price
by June 30th, $80 Regular Price