Welcome. Lotus is a beautiful and safe space to explore, work hard, play, and relax into Kundalini Yoga. Help us maintain our home and ensure your best experience by respecting studio etiquette:

1. Arrive 10 minutes early. Give yourself the chance to relax before class and leave the rush behind.
2. Wear comfortable clothing you can move and stretch in. Shirts are a must!
3. We strive to maintain a clean, scent-free environment. Be conscious of how odour affects others and leave the perfume at home.
4. Remove your shoes and turn off your cell phone before entering the yoga room.
5. Hanging out in the hallway? Keep your voices to a minimum if a class is in session.
6. Talk to your teacher! We are here to serve you, answer your questions, and integrate your feedback. Be sure to let us know if you are new to Kundalini Yoga, have an injury we should be aware of, or are pregnant.
7. During practice, always move at a pace comfortable for you, and be respectful towards your body. There are modifications for every exercise – ask us if you have a concern about a posture so we can provide you with an alternative.