Saturday March 30th

Springtime Alchemy:
Restorative Yoga, Thai Massage and Gong

with Amardeep Bliss & Elizabeth Ewanchuk

Gurushabd Khalsa Expired Workshops

Spring is a time of birth and renewal. Nature bursts forth with bright colours; animals emerge from their winter dens looking for mates; the air is fresh. According to the wisdom of Traditional Chinese Medicine, the Wood Phase is also the season for creativity, expansion, and forward movement in our lives.

In this workshop, we’ll explore how to harness the tremendous energy of Spring to open to what is ready to be born in us and take action to make things happen. Our practice will include:

  • Breath work to help us step back to gain perspective
  • A restorative yoga sequence designed to support the liver and gallbladder
  • Wisdom from Traditional Chinese Medicine regarding the season, your body and your emotions
  • Gentle Thai massage with herbal compresses to encourage the body to soften
  • Gong sound support throughout the yoga practice with the 8 Corners of Heaven of Gong
  • A mantra meditation that evokes the primal force of creativity, enabling us to “go with the flow” of change

You’ll come away with a deeper understanding of how to use the creativity, flexibility, power and rootedness of the Wood Phase to make plans and decisions that will allow you to adapt to life’s challenges; transform impatience and anger into constructive action; avoid collapsing and giving up when you experience setbacks; and incorporate practical lifestyle modifications to move congested energy in your body and mind.

You’ll receive a written Traditional Chinese Medicine guide to add to your self-care toolbox in the coming months.

This is a part of a series of seasonal workshops focussed on supporting your well-being by building an awareness of the relationship between seasonal changes, your emotions, your lifestyle, your vibration and your health.

No previous yoga experience is required. All are welcome.

Date & Time

Saturday March 30th
6:30 – 9:00 pm


$38 + HST Early Bird Price by March 26th
$48 + HST Regular Price
$33 + HST for Members

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About the Teachers

Elizabeth Ewanchuk helps clients experience greater ease in their bodies. As a Thai Massage Master and Craniosacral Therapist, she brings over 20 years of practice to each session. Enjoy the benefits of a relaxed nervous system; enhanced recovery from injury and illness; increased range of motion; reduction of pain; and sounder sleep.

S.A. Bliss (Amardeep Bliss) is a Gong and Sacred Sound artist, PhD candidate in Education, and Kundalini & Restorative Yoga teacher. Her classes include a focus on the practice of Ahimsa (non-harming) and honouring where you are in the present moment. She has travelled and taught in several countries including Germany, Japan, Korea, Croatia, India, and Canada.

Enthusiastic about Sacred Sound and Universal Vibration, she incorporates Gongs & crystal singing bowls in her yoga classes and workshops. She also offers individual sessions to work with Sound and tuning forks to re-calibrate your system.

She has learned from and worked with Sacred Sound Masters including Gong Masters Don Conreaux (USA) and Sanjay Hallon (India). Her lineage of teachers include Ramana Maharshi, Jiddu Krishnamurti, Yogi Bhajan, and Thich Nhat Hanh. When she is not teaching, researching, or playing Gong, you can find her biking the urban cityscape, enjoying art at the AGO in Toronto, or travelling.