A Restorative Guided Musical Meditation (starts May 15th)

With Matthew Alexander, Thursdays, 6:15-7:30 pm
$10 or class pass

Immerse yourself in a bath of sound composed of a wide range of frequencies from crystal singing bowls, guitar and voice in order to gently release tension, quite the mind, and restore your natural sense of well being.  Sonic Immersion brings together mindfulness meditation, intention setting and savasana (deep relaxation) to guide awareness inward and support transformation.

Sound is a powerful tool for neutralizing negative energy and limiting thought patterns embedded in the subconscious mind.  Crystal singing bowls induce deep states of relaxation and entrain the mind into optimal brain wave states for heightened clarity, creativity and alignment.  This restorative field of sound can influence the many layers of the physical and energetic body, allowing blocked channels of energy to flow freely.  These channels conduct the chi, prana or vital life force of the body.  When energy is moving freely, life force is greatly enhanced and one’s natural self healing potential is awakened.

*On the 2nd Thursday of each month, Matthew will be joined by Gurushabd and we will practice a Guru Ram Das sound healing meditation.*

unnamed-1Matthew Alexander is a dynamic and well rounded multi instrumentalist with experience performing in a wide variety of settings. Although classically trained on guitar, Matthew’s musical style is influenced by a broad range of genres from jazz to blues, bluegrass to Indian raga as well as various other world traditions. Infusing a rich array of harmonies with deeply meditative and improvised soundscapes, Matthew creates an expansive sonic space in order to facilitate mindfulness, physical and energetic release and inner transformation.

Matthew is a certified Hatha Yoga instructor with a passion for Bhakti and Nada Yoga.  Through a daily meditation and chanting practice Matthew has learned the value of quieting the mind and being guided by the inner compass of intuition, centred in the heart. You can also find Matthew co-leading our Lotus Kirtan Night on the 1st Saturday of each month.