Wednesdays April 12th-June 14th

Sing For Joy

with Mila Wood

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Singing is for everyone ~ we are born to sing. When we sing together in simple harmony, it creates a sense of belonging that nourishes the soul and enlivens the spirit. Regardless of musical background, we can help improve the world by joining voices in song ~ bridging our differences, celebrating our diversity, and welcoming each other as we truly are. – Mila Wood

Sing for Joy is a non-auditioned community choir in the City of Toronto, that gathers each week for the pure joy of singing together. We welcome all voices, and require no singing experience ~ just a heartfelt desire to sing with others in harmony. We sing for the pleasure and delight it gives us, in an atmosphere that is fun, relaxed, and accepting.

Sing for Joy is unique from traditional choirs in that we don’t use sheet music or written words. Our songs are learned in the oral tradition of call-and-response, drawing from many cultures and backgrounds. They reflect a diversity of roots, origins, and inspirations, bringing us home to our most original ways of being together in community. We choose songs that you can weave into the rhythm of your daily life, and take home to share with your loved ones.

Sing for Joy will kick off our Spring Season with a 10-week series beginning April 12th. All voices are welcome, and no singing experience is required ~ just a heartfelt desire to sing with others in harmony. Together, we will learn a collection of songs in the oral tradition of call-and-response, drawing from many cultures and backgrounds. Join us to build confidence in your singing voice, and learn songs to take home and share with your community.

At the end of our 10-week series, Sing for Joy will celebrate with a final event called The Big Sing. This event is not a concert, but more like a big singing party where all are invited to join us in song. By then, our Choir will know the songs well, and help guide the wider community in a great singing celebration. The Big Sing will be a fundraiser for a local or regional group doing good work in the world.


“Mila is a gifted guide. She helps people get in touch with that inner voice that we all have. I felt so fulfilled when I left each night, I kept humming for days!” ~ Ryan Patrick

“I am a shy person by nature and didn’t know that I could sing. Mila made me feel so welcome and comfortable, I was able to let go and sing with all my heart. I’m now sharing these songs with my family.” ~ Roula Ouroumov

“Sing for Joy had another great night this week. We learned all new songs, and were singing in 4-part harmony with some of them. If you are looking for more joy in your life, this is the place and Mila can lead the way!” ~ Kate Martin

Date & Time

Spring Season 2017, 10 Week Series
Wednesdays, April 12th – June 14th
7:30 – 9:30 pm


A 10-week term is priced at $120. We have a sliding scale to accommodate seniors, students, and people in need. Feel free to pay more if you can, less if you need to.

$120 for the 10-week series // $12 for drop-ins

Students & Seniors
$80-$100 for the 10-week series // $10 for drop-ins

Half Price

Please note that drop-ins are cash only. Advanced registration may be paid online by credit or debit card. 

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About the Teacher

Mila Wood believes that everyone can sing. She uses group singing as a vital tool for building community, for restoring our sense of belonging and connection in the world. Her workshops and classes offer a safe, fun, and supported space where all voices are welcome. When we sing together in simple harmony, we build bridges of acceptance, compassion, and joy.

With over a decade of experience in community organizing, team building, and group facilitation, Mila is delighted to bring her love of group singing to communities far and wide. She works both locally and globally to build bridges of song, leading group singing events and classes throughout North America. Mila facilitates workshops annually at events including Singing Alive (Oregon and Hawaii), Village Fire (Iowa), and the Spirit Weavers Gathering (California).

As a graduate of the Community Choir Leadership Training, in Victoria, BC, Mila is thrilled to lead the Sing for Joy Choir in her home city of Toronto, Ontario. Sing for Joy is an all-inclusive, non-auditioned weekly singing group where all voices are welcome, and no singing experience is required. Mila also works locally with diverse youth and kids’ groups to bring more singing into the lives of our future generations.

Mila has worked closely with many teachers and mentors that have guided her path of song. She is thankful to Laurence Cole, Shivon Robinsong, Denis Donnelly, Liz Rog, Daniel Nelson, and Barbara McAfee… among so many more in the community singing movement.