September 2019
Cosmic Forecast

Gurushabd Khalsa Wisdom

Transformation Station. This month Mars is jet-setting around the cosmic plane, bringing you wisdom from each and every partnership it makes along the way. Have you been trying to break the habit of being yourself? The Universe heard your appeal and is ready to offer a crash course in transformation – all you’ve gotta do is walk the walk. Ready to unlearn?

September 1st – Mutable T Square

We begin this month with a Mutable T Square, setting up deep Virgo energy against the transcendent Neptune and the expansive Jupiter.

What this means: watch as your limiting beliefs break apart, allowing healing to flow through. The changes happening will not need forcing, requiring only your permission to release what is already trying to leave (even when it feels scary). The combination of Virgo, Neptune, and Jupiter does not harm – these planets work in your favour, always at service to your needs. But their caregiving is sometimes almost too good, and if we are prone to using escapism to cope with daily life, they can give us so much that we become overwhelmed, spaced out, and highly projective. We blame the world for giving us, when we are the ones who deny ourselves the capacity to take in more joy by making excuses or justifications for why we do not have more. Their medicine requires responsibility – the acceptance of our role as not only the observers of our world but, in the very least, its co-creators. Question everything, especially the things that feel certain and impossible to challenge. Challenge yourself whenever you catch yourself doing anything unconsciously. Do not allow yourself to settle for less. Seek out Bir Kaur’s Rebirthing Workshop (September 14) on developing neutrality to ground this immensely transformative energy and don’t forget to give yourself lots of love by coming to the Grounded in Self-Love restorative evening (September 14) where you will be nourished with gong, Thai massage, and yoga.

September 9th – Mars trine Saturn

Mars has a busy month ahead of it, as it connects with Saturn, Jupiter, and one of astrology’s most karmic characters, the North Node over the course of three jampacked days.

What this means: expect the end the second weekend of September to be powerfully charged, with you making good strides towards completing projects with a spirit of integrity and precision. These transits will have us questions the nature of our goals because it evokes the powerful (not to be wasted) drive of Mars without triggering all the ego typically associated with the planet. This is a time when we become very honest about the nature of our motivations. Here you may ask yourself – “Do I feel good about what I am working towards, or is it time to let it go?” After all, the backdrop to this energy is the service-oriented vigour of Virgo (that will stay for most of September), which encourages us to contribute to the good of all, including ourselves. It has no time for tasks and projects born of anger, arrogance, or the need to be right. If you’ve committed to something for the wrong reasons, the energy of this time will help you in stopping the cycle. This process may require tough conversations, and the favourable contact between Mercury and Venus on the 13th should help you find the right words and strike up compromises that leave everyone feeling like a winner. And just in time too, as on September 14th, just as the Mutable T square aims to disband, the moon will wax full in Pisces conjunct with the imaginative ruler of the sign, Neptune, leaving us feeling a lot more emotionally sensitive than usual.

September 14 – Full Moon in Pisces

Mars will stand opposite to this full moon, making us more irritable and hastier to take offense.

What this means: take the pressure to be perfect and non-reactive off yourself and simply make time to move inwards and reflect. This will not be the time to view the world as your mirror, the reflection staring back at you will be more distorted than you think so take all the negativity with a grain of salt. Instead explore your inner world and once you’ve done a thorough check in, use the self-love and appreciation waiting for you there to approach the external with more grace and gratitude. And if you find that this internal stability is not there to greet you, or that it needs more nourishment before it can serve you fully, Lotus is here to help with its new 40-Day Challenge (starts September 16) designed specifically to help you develop a stable, neutral sense of self. Moreover, this cosmic meeting is not all bad! The gift of this contrast between the planetary ruler of the body and one of the most imaginative moons of the year (which appears just as Venus, the ruler of love and beauty, enters its beloved sign of Libra) is that they grant us the superpower to see beauty in all physical things and beings, especially ourselves. They cut away the illusion that we need approval from others to love our perfectly imperfect selves. This energy can be harnessed and amplified through Kundalini Yoga, and Joanna and Eva’s Women’s Workshop for Radiant Beauty (September 15) is a great place to learn about the pragmatic magic associated with this phenomenon. Once Saturn turns direct on the 19th, we will also have the cosmic champion of support and strong foundations back at our side. When this force unites with our inner stability, we become unstoppable.

September 23 – Sun enters Libra/Autumn Equinox

Mars makes its final bold move when it greets Pluto on the 19th, completing a cathartic astrological chain of events and helping us fully ground in the wisdom of our talents and aspirations. We didn’t end up with these accidentally – and this transit reminds us that the gifts and wants of our authentic selves are the light posts in an otherwise chaotic world.

What this means: this allows us to (at least temporarily) release control and find ease in our unique path, without having to regulate the journey of others. This knowledge will facilitate the transition from the editorial vibes of Virgo and into the harmony-oriented Libra, starting the new season with a spirit of mutual support and balance. As this change falls on the same day as Autumn Equinox, we encourage you to get together with your community to celebrate! Make room to breathe the joy through your body at our monthly Aquarian Sadhana (September 20), Breathwork Ceremony (September 21), or Fall Equinox Meditation and Celebration (September 22). Although most of us no longer live in farming communities, it doesn’t mean that we should not show a collective gratitude for the many things that we have “harvested” over the summer months (and even in just the first few weeks of September!) The lessons, the strength, and the wonderful blessings will be unpacked and integrated throughout the sleepy months of fall and winter. But for now, allow yourself to play in the last of the summer’s light.

September 28 – New Moon in Libra

We close off the month off with a beautiful full moon in Libra.

What this means: the heavy winds of internal transformation will die down at this time and we might find ourselves investing more heavily in our relationship with others. Who have we need neglecting? Where have we been too stubborn or afraid at the detriment of our connection with another? If a block feels extra sticky, join us for a Clearing Gong Bath (September 28) to break it up once and for all. As we approach the abundance creating sextile between Jupiter and Venus, we might find ourselves being more generous with others. With our sense of security in the universal giving expanded, we may feel freer to share in ways that before we felt forced to deny. Competition ceases to matter and instead we greet the fall wrapped in love and light, in the company of loved ones.

I hope this serves you in some way. Enjoy this beautiful month of change and growth.

Sat Nam,

Marie Schoppen is a psychospiritual therapeutic practitioner based in Toronto, Canada. She offer clients Archetypal Guidance, Reiki, and Food Therapy. She’s also Lotus’ resident newsletter writer 🙂