Sunday May 5th

Scrambled Eggs/Healing After Head Trauma:
Breathe Easy

with Krista Amar Atma Schilter

Gurushabd Khalsa Expired Workshops

If you or someone you love has experienced head trauma, you’ve most likely come to learn that life with an ‘invisible injury’ is confusing and misunderstood. The process of becoming your post-injury self is varied: just like no two people are alike, no two brain injuries are alike.

Join Krista Schilter in this all-levels 3-part workshop series to discuss the healing journey around cognitive, physical, and emotional side effects related to traumatic brain injury. Come for 1 workshop or all 3.

We’ll explore how a mindfulness practice can help you meet yourself exactly where you’re at and how movement, meditation, and breathwork can transform your life post-TBI. We’ll use Kundalini Yoga techniques to balance the hemispheres of the brain, increase blood flow, manage symptoms, and increase memory, processing speed, and cognition. In each workshop expect a brief discussion, breath exercises, movement, relaxation with sound healing, mantra mediation, and optional homework practices and journaling.

Dates & Times

Sunday, May 5 @ 5-7pm
Breathe Easy

Together we’ll explore basic breath exercises to learn the relationship to breath as a healing tool and observe the differences in sensation. When you alter the breath you begin to oppose and release the habitual patterns of emotion and attention that are coded in the habits of the body and the mind. We’ll move in a way that stimulates the vertebrae of the spine and increases circulation of the spinal fluid which is linked to memory. We’ll close with beautiful meditation that combines sound, mantra, and mudra for a deeply transformative experience.

Sunday, June 9 @ 5-7pm
Balance the Brain

The brain has two hemispheres: left and right. These two sides must coordinate their activities at the same time to supplement and complement each other. We’ll work with subconscious memories to release and overcome anger, frustration, and self-destructive behaviours associated with head trauma. Expect an exploration in emotional body, response vs. reaction, and a discussion on outlets for these very human and valid emotions.

Sunday, July 7 @ 5-7pm
Build the Nervous System

Nadi cleansing is a classical technique used to purify and create a powerful balance of grounding and rising energy while encouraging the flow of kundalini energy into the central channel of the spine. This offers an experience where we can observe emotions with a neutral mind and become an expert witness of the body. We’ll discuss the importance of deep relaxation in restoring and resetting the nervous system to support healing and work to adjust the nervous system to bring both the parasympathetic and sympathetic sides into balance so the intelligence of the body can heal itself.

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About the Teacher

Krista Amar Atma Schilter feels the infinite pulse coursing through all that is and encourages her students to get curious about that which is unseen but felt; to negotiate polarities in some kind of way so we come out radiantly alive with a deeper connection and trust in self. She approaches the teachings with reverence and delight and endeavours to keep it light and full of support for our indivisible uniqueness. She teachers Yin, Kundalini, Hatha, and Vinyasa yoga at studios around the city.