Saturday December 9th

Reiki Level 3:
Master Level

with Jaya Leigh Bowen

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Join Jaya Leigh as she instructs and attunes you into the world of Reiki Master.

We take the energy and what we have learned and applied in the two previous levels and magnify your capability of being a conduit for this healing energy even further. You will learn two new “master symbols” and how to use them to give attunements to others. In the process, your channels of energy are cleansed and your vibration elevated even more as you prepare to walk the path of a teacher. Note that if you don’t have the desire to teach yet, this is okay. The power of your treatments and your ability to consciously work with Reiki will increase, as will your intuitive capabilities which assist you to help others to empower themselves. Powerful breath and energy circulation techniques necessary for teaching and initiating others to channel the flow of Reiki will be taught. As well, Reiki Levels 1 and 2 will be briefly reviewed and the “business” of Reiki and setting up a practice will be discussed.

Pre-requisite: Reiki Levels 1 and 2. Please note that if you have not taken Reiki 1 or 2 with Jaya Leigh, you are still welcome to attend with proof of having completed those levels.

This knowledge can often help the student to find their true path and may require them to make changes in their life. 

Date & Time

Saturday December 9th
1:30 – 5:30 pm


$350 + HST Early Bird Price by December 2nd
$399 + HST Regular Price

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Cancellation Policy

After December 2nd your investment is non-refundable in order to give those who wish to take the course a chance to attend. Your non-refundable investment can, however, be transferred to the next date for Reiki Level 3 at Lotus Yoga Centre.

About the Teacher

Jaya Leigh is a deeply knowledgeable leader in a vivid range of healing arts and yoga, with a sincere following in the Toronto area. She has been facilitating classes, workshops, and sold out retreats for over a decade. Jaya Leigh brings a unique and welcome combination of humour, relatability, and an intuitive understanding of individual needs. She weaves together powerful techniques acquired from her own training and depth of experience working with people from all ages and walks of life. She is a certified and natural Channel who offers Readings and healing sessions that clear old, often past life impressions keeping people stuck in patterns that are limiting their joy, flow and the true expression of their Soul’s purpose. Having studied with powerful medicine women, she is a recognized energy healer, Reiki master, and teacher to other practitioners and healers. Jaya Leigh teaches reiki, meditation, yoga nidra, and kundalini, yin, hatha, and restorative yoga. Her sincere desire is to empower people to remember their own Divinity, potential, and reason for being here so that we may all live a life of fulfillment, freedom, and joyful service.Her website is