Saturday October 20th

Reiki Level 1

with Jayaleigh

Gurushabd Khalsa Expired Workshops

Learn a healing practice that restores the Self on all levels.

Everyone has the capacity to transfer Reiki healing energy to themselves and others, and having this tool at your fingertips profoundly changes your life, clearing away anything obstructing your authentic path. You can be of service to others or simply choose to use it on yourself in times of overwhelm and stress.

In order to awaken the flow of Reiki, one need only learn from, and receive a powerfully healing attunement from a Reiki Master. In one afternoon you will:

  • Clear away lifetimes of restrictive beliefs including ancestral beliefs.
  • Open up a channel of divine light running through you bringing a deep sense of peace and trust in yourself and the Universe.
  • Gain knowledge of how the energy system works and how emotions and limiting patterns are deeply connected to physical stress and ailments.
  • Receive an attunement that ignites the healing power of reiki within you (for life), allowing you to use this for your healing, the healing of others, and the healing of the planet.
  • Move into deeper and closer alignment with the expression of your soul’s true essence and path.

We’re excited to welcome Jayaleigh back to Lotus to share her Reiki Level 1 Training! The class will be capped in order to keep the experience powerful and intimate. Everyone will get a chance to experience and practice a treatment themselves after receiving their attunement.

Date & Time

Saturday October 20th
1:30 – 6:00 pm


$279 + HST Early Bird Price by October 13th
$297 + HST Regular Price

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Cancellation Policy

After October 13th your investment is non-refundable in order to give those who wish to take the course a chance to attend.

What Is Reiki?

Reiki is a Japanese term meaning Universal Energy. During a Reiki treatment heated healing energy is brought through the practitioner’s hands, which are placed in specific positions on or slightly above the client’s fully clothed body. A very deep sense of relaxation, stress relief, unconditional love and acceptance are experienced. Body, mind and spirit are rejuvenated and move toward healing and restoration, leaving the client with a serene sense of well being, trust, and renewed purpose.

About the Teacher

Jayaleigh is a powerful healer, coach, and divine channel. Her potent work guides others to clear past life trauma and reclaim their soul power and destiny. She stands for freedom for all. The freedom that comes from owning your incredible gifts and no longer letting old beliefs stand in your way of sharing them to create the life of abundance and joyful service you were meant for.

Jayaleigh’s teaching, coaching, and healing work is infused with humour, relatability, and an intuitive understanding of individual needs. She weaves together powerful techniques and a depth of knowledge and experience working with people from all ages and walks of life. Find out more at