Kundalini Rebirthing Workshop

 This little Light of mine…I’m gonna let it Shine!

6:15 – 8:30pm

Laura Quinn


Come and join for the first rebirthing practice of 2024! We are going to fan that little light within, our inner glow, so that we shine brightly for ourselves and others. We light each other up, let’s do more of that. 

When you take time to focus inward and clean your interior house, you can become more present to life and connect deeply with your authentic Self. This serves a feeling of greater joy, meaning and connection in life. When you are in alignment with yourself/nature, fears and anxiety can lift because you are in tune with your intuition and can ‘feel’ with clarity how to move and make choices in your life. 

We will journey into the dark waters of winter together in a held space to keep the path lit.  This is an invitation to release, digest and return to what is innately always there – You. We will practice a rebirthing kriya to let go of pain, with a focus on letting go of the pain of the 7th year. According to yogic philosophy, a person’s consciousness evolves through a precise set of transitions every 7 years. The first 7-year cycle is pivotal because it sets the foundation for identity and consciousness. How we emerge from this lifecycle can affects who we are today. This kriya possesses the capacity to free us from the constraints that are often established in the very first 7-year cycle. As we move through life, we might start to notice that the way we relate to the world shifts when a cycle comes to an end, sometimes it’s obvious and other times more discreet. Through a powerful set of breath-work, movement, and meditation we will move toward a deep reset, releasing what might hold us back from our inner light. 

Flow of the evening:
Brief introduction
Warm up or centering practice
Rebirthing kriya & gong
Closing the space/integration     

All bodies are welcome.  If possible, please arrive 10 minutes early to get settled.

REGISTRATION: Space is limited to 15 participants. Pre Registration is required. Address details will be provided upon registration.

Single $55 + hst
Bring a Friend – $100 + hst
Cancellation policy is 12 hours prior to the class.

DATE & TIME: Sunday, February 18th, 6:15-8:30pm

LOCATION: College & Bathurst


Laura has been practicing yoga for over a decade and found her home in the Kundalini tradition as a teacher. She is a facilitator of women’s circles and a ceremonialist. Laura is dedicated to the work of the soul and faces life with a limitless trust for the knowing that comes from within the stillness of Self. She feels passionate that all people can connect with their most authentic Self and offers her light as a guide for others to meet their inner light, at their pace and on their terms.

Laura is a mother of three, a “truth seeker” and someone who stands for those ‘who stand outside the circle’. She has come from a world of spirit and ceremony and is a student of life and the slow journey of soul.