Kundalini Rebirthing + Full Moon Circle

Saturday, October 28, 2023

2:30 – 5:00pm

Laura Quinn

Join Laura, In Person for a Rebirthing kriya designed to cleanse the whole system and clear out the cobwebs, release toxic knots / emotions and work to dissolve blocks that are held in the subconscious mind/body/spirit.  When we take time to focus inward and clean the interior house, we connect more deeply with our authentic Selves and find greater joy in life.

We will move through a powerful set of breath-work, movement, and meditation for release and a deep reset.  We will take time to ground, set intentions and close our time together.  We are moving toward winter, toward the darker days and longer night and we will bring that luminous light inward.

Flow of the afternoon:

·      Brief introduction

·      Physical warm up

·      Rebirthing Kriya

·      Gong relaxation

·      Closing circle (please bring a journal) 

September tends to be a busy and overwhelming month, and this year was no different.  When we overextend ourselves or even under extend ourselves and fall out of balance, we struggle.  

How do you incorporate regular practices in your life that focus on taking stock of your inner world?  Most people show up for work, take care of others, clean the home, but what about cleaning out unresolved situations that move into the subconscious and gradually become your (unknown) command center.  It’s hard to sit with all that lives in the heart, the mind, the body.. it’s hard for everyone, and it’s also deeply freeing to confront and then clear out.  When we confront, we elevate and we will do this somatically, clean out and clear out so that you sleep better, feel better and open the blinds on life a little wider. The full moon reflects our inner world back to us, so we can use this feminine energy to support us through rebirthing into a clearer you! 

What You’ll Need:

Bring your own mat.

Blankets and cushions are available.


Space is limited to 12 participants. Pre Registration is absolutely required.

Address details will be provided upon registration.

Cancellation policy is 12 hours prior to the class.


DATE & TIME: Saturday, October 28th, 2:30 – 5:00pm

LOCATION: College & Bathurst


Single Registration: $50 + hst
Bring a Friend: $80 + hst

Laura has been practicing yoga for over a decade and found her home in the Kundalini tradition as a teacher. She is a facilitator of women’s circles and a ceremonialist. Laura is dedicated to the work of the soul and faces life with a limitless trust for the knowing that comes from within the stillness of Self. She feels passionate that all people can connect with their most authentic Self and offers her light as a guide for others to meet their inner light, at their pace and on their terms.

Laura is a mother of three, a “truth seeker” and someone who stands for those ‘who stand outside the circle’. She has come from a world of spirit and ceremony and is a student of life and the slow journey of soul.