In the Path of Totality


Part 1:  VIRTUAL Sunday April 7, 8:30pm—10pm 
Part 2: IN-PERSON Monday April 8, 7:00–9:15pm

Eva Blumenfeld

A Two-Part Solar Eclipse Workshop 

In this two-part workshop we will be taking advantage of the reset in the psyche and magnetic field that happens during a solar eclipse (when the moon moves between the sun and earth). Happening in the trailblazing sign of Aries, Toronto is in “the path totality” and will experience a near-total eclipse for the last time until 2044.

With the technologies of Kundalini yoga, meditation and gong we will take this auspicious moment to heal any emotional wounds + subconscious memories that have had a deep impact on our confidence levels, self-esteem and manifestation abilities. This is a time to remove all the non-realities of self-doubt and fear in our personalities so we can project through a crystal clear identity that reflects our radiant Spirit and communicates our Totality.

We’ll gather the night before and after the eclipse’s peak on April 8th at 3:19pm EST. Participants signing up by April 6th will receive a specific mantra based on their tantric numerology. This mantra can be listened to or chanted during April 8th and throughout the ensuing 40 days of integration that follow a deeply transformative practice.

Sunday April 7, 8:30pm—10pm Kundalini yoga + meditation.
Part 2: IN-PERSON Monday April 8, 7:00–9:15pm Kundalini yoga + meditation + 31 min Gong.

REGISTRATION: Space is limited to 15 participants. Pre Registration is required.

Virtual Eclipse Only: $26
In Person Eclipse Only: $50
Both Virtual & In Person Eclipse: $66

Please bring plenty of water, a journal and pen.

Cancellation policy is 12 hours prior to the class.

LOCATION: College & Bathurst, Address details will be provided upon registration.

Eva is the founder and director of The Garden. She has been learning and teaching in the lineage of kundalini yoga, world religions, and the healing arts for a lifetime. Her vision is focused on bringing in the new age through movement, sound, meditation and
wisdom teachings. She is here to create spaces of access through ritual, ceremony, and all the modalities that serve the consciousness of the Aquarian Age.

Eva is a visual and performing artist, an activist, healer, and ceremony leader. She is a graduate of york university where she received a degree in psychology. Her offerings focus on soul alignment and embodiment, self-empowerment and expression, and initiations
of love in all forms. She also currently leads immersive programs to support transformational/transitional life experiences.

Each person is a place where heaven meets earth, and her wish is to see people empowered in their own divinity to live a life of fulfillment, integrity and wonder. She is currently living in spiritual community at the Guru Ram Das Ashram in downtown Toronto, Canada.