Our Story

We want you to feel at home – not just in our studio, but in everyday life. 

Lotus Yoga Centre is a family-run business, and one of the oldest yoga centres in Toronto. Founded in 1993, we have been Toronto’s home for Kundalini Yoga for over 20 years. Our story is a story of family and friends dedicated to a spiritual life, with a commitment to sharing this powerful practice with all who seek to learn.

It started in the early 90’s when Har-Prakash Khalsa and Sat Dharam Kaur ND came to inquire about the space for rent, with their young daughter Gurushabd in tow. They were students of Yogi Bhajan, and envisioned a space where they could teach Kundalini Yoga classes and host community healing meditations. Sat Dharam was searching for a new location to house her naturopathic practice and Har-Prakash for his psychotherapy sessions. The young family renovated the space, established the business, and called it Harbord Health Centre. They found other wellness practitioners to move in, and began hosting weekly Kundalini Yoga classes as well as monthly healing circles. Sat Dharam and Har-Prakash ran the space for over a decade and established it as Toronto’s home for Kundalini Yoga.

In 2001, Mary Paterson took over the business when Sat Dharam and Har-Prakash moved to the countryside and relocated their family to Owen Sound. Mary continued the tradition of hosting healers and Kundalini yogis, and gave the studio a new name – Lotus Yoga Centre. She taught in the space, developed a following of loyal students, and began to write about her spiritual experiences. After a decade, with the publication of her first novel and a desire to focus more on her writing, Mary started looking for a new person to take the reigns at Lotus Yoga Centre.

Now grown up, newly married, and living in India, Gurushabd got a phone call asking if she was interested in taking over the studio. She became the owner and director of Lotus Yoga Centre in 2013, and is committed to growing the presence of Kundalini Yoga in Toronto. She feels blessed to continue the family tradition of holding space for inner growth through this uplifting practice. Over the past few years, with the support of dedicated students and teachers, Lotus Yoga Centre has expanded to add many more weekly classes, house some of the best Kundalini Yoga teachers in the city, and offer monthly transformative workshops to help deepen your practice.

We hope you have a wonderful experience at Lotus Yoga Centre. Welcome to the studio.

With love,

The Lotus Family