Frequently Asked Questions

When browsing the studio schedule or workshop page, click the “Sign Up” button for the class or workshop you would like to attend and it will be added to your cart. Click “Continue” and you will be prompted to sign in or create an account (MindBody Online – our online store and class scheduler) to complete pre-registration. If you have previously taken a class with us, you already have an account and do not need to create a new one. If you have trouble logging in or finding your account, please contact us to confirm the email address we have for you on file.
Classes: No, signup is encouraged but not required. Walk-ins are always welcome and we currently always have space for you to drop-in.

Workshops: Signup is required. If you would like to signup over the phone instead of online, please contact us to arrange your payment.

Online signup helps us save time before class and helps deepen a student’s commitment to come to class. In future as our classes grow, online signup may be required as classes reach capacity. We are practicing for that time.
Classes: You may cancel your reserved class by selecting “Your Schedule” in your account.

Workshops: Please contact us to notify us of the cancellation. We offer refunds up to 1 week in advance of the workshop date.

Classes: Currently there are no penalties if you fail to cancel or show up for a reserved class. We reserve the right to change this at a later date. We encourage students to responsibly cancel classes to make spots available to other students.

Workshops: Refunds are offered up to 1 week in advance of the workshop date. Please contact us to inquire about a refund.