October 2019
Cosmic Forecast

Gurushabd Khalsa Wisdom

Don’t Fear the Dark. Just as we are riding the high of the charming and lighthearted Libra New Moon, October confronts us with a new challenge: the abrupt and intense deepening of every one of our relationships. This includes the connections that we have with our minds, bodies, and spirits. As four personal planets get cozy in Scorpio, get ready to ask yourselves, “Am living my most sincere life?”

October 3rd – Pluto Stations Direct in Capricorn / Mercury enters Scorpio

Pluto has been retrograding since the end of April, forcing many of us to confront the shadow aspects of ourselves. As it stations direct in Capricorn, we will once again turn our gaze outward, observing how by healing our own wounds, we expanded our perception of the world’s needs and how we, as empowered individuals, can contribute to its healing. 

What this means: Humans as a species have arrived at crossroads of immense importance, and we are being called to act from a place of compassion and long-term vision rather than blindly following the traditional trajectories of development popularized by the previous generations. Pluto, the planetary revolutionary, in Capricorn always inspires the rethinking of our relationships with money, resources, power, and security. As a force it moves between the conscious and the unconscious with ease, blurring the boundaries between spirit, ego, and the physical; this diffuses their individual impact, but intensifies the conflict at the points where each one meets the other. This means that we must regularly carve out time for practices that have us dive into the various levels of our being. There we can resolve these conflicts so that these energies may begin to work in tandem, amplifying our overall radiance and magnetism as liberated beings rather than living as embodied chaos. As we break down the internal blocks to find balance between all our needs, we gain the energy to change our external circumstances. Mercury in Scorpio will then allow us to channel all this energy into our communication with others, bringing a swift end to superficial connections and unprecedented depth to bonds based on common values. To experience a plutonian style practice, check out the Rebirthing Workshop on October 5th – this one is specifically designed to help you experience the totality of your infinite self. Those who were lucky enough to snag a spot in Amardeep’s Gong Training on October 6th will also be diving into these energies as they learn about the transformative power of the gong. 

October 4 + 8 – Mars and Venus enter Scorpio

Mars and Venus do not delay in joining Mercury in Scorpio. This is the time of pleasure activism. The dominant energy of the month is largely facilitated by Libra, the cultivator of relational harmony, frivolous and fun pleasure, and a certain detachment from the larger world. As we move through the month, Scorpio’s intensity will begin to bleed into the lightness of Libra as more personal planets find their way into the sign’s scope of influence. Once Chiron stands opposite to Mars in Scorpio on October 9th, we will experience a release of old wounding that left many of us living in shame for far too long.    

What this means: This transit (planetary relocation) will allow us to not only confront the shadow in our relationships, but also create the opportunity to tap into our hidden desires. We typically shy away from these needs because we believe that they are not socially acceptable or that they will somehow lead to the realization of our worst fears. Especially for those of us who grew up being told to hide away from our feelings and passions, this is the time to reclaim these aspects of life. It is important not to shy away from your taboo needs as they allow you to harness a deeper relationship with personal power. Although Libra will cast the illusion of external harmony and ease, every one of us will be experiencing the same tumultuous internal unleashing. The unclaimed desires are major sources of psychic, relational, and physical energy – so embrace their intensity when the waves of craving hit by pursuing the manifestation of your desires. The Libra inspired ease will be there for you in between, as will the Good Vibrations Workshop on October 12th, which will bridge esoteric acupuncture and sound healing to take care of you while you are taking care of yourself. 

October 13 – Full Moon in Aries

While Scorpio and Libra orchestrate our journey through the land of relationships, changing the nature and quality of our connection, the Full Aries Moon drops in to make sure that we are still maintaining a hot line to the autonomous parts of our spirit so that everything does not become about the other. 

What this means: Prepare to receive insights into the ways in which you lose yourself to others, the things that you need to feel truly energized in your life, the actions that you can take immediately, and what needs to go so that you can continue in embodying your purpose. Amid inter-relational growth, take a moment to connect with your unique masculine, the yang energy of personal leadership. This will allow you to direct the energy harnessed by the watery, feminine Scorpio with more ease and efficiency. Structured, self-led practices are an excellent way to connect with the masculine aspects of your being – find these tools at the multi-weekend, Deep Introduction to Mindfulness Meditation Course, which starts on October 19th, or at Aquarian Sadhana on October 18th, which is an excellent way to mark the beginning of a daily practice. 

October 23 – Sun enters Scorpio

Just before Sun enters Scorpio, Mars will stand square against the Nodes, aka the most karmic points of any astrological chart. If any of the desires that you’ve carried over from the past are in opposition to your soul’s purpose, you will feel that now. Get ready to quickly and ruthlessly “do something” about these inconsistencies, taking the harmonizing energy of the past few weeks (which was intense but made steadier by the secure nature of Scorpio) and transforming it into, a temporarily, insatiable and compulsive drive to complete the balancing process before the Libra energy departs. 

What this means: Once we have embraced ourselves and our desires fully, we can begin to release what doesn’t work more easily. If we feel like there is a scarcity of attention available, we will want to cling onto the unseen for the security of its hidden-but-felt presence, even if it is not the best thing for us. Now that you have witnessed your underbelly, indulged in “guilty” pleasures, you can accurately decide what needs to stay and what needs to go. On this full moon, it will feel easy to release the outdated. This might mean that you discover that all your shadow desires fulfill your present needs, or that the shadow desires were formed at a time that has nothing to do with who you are now. With all your relationships reattuned and strengthened by Scorpio, you can finally feel safe to show up as authentically you. Experience your individual voice in a collective during Shantdeep and Scott McPherson’s Evening of Chanting on October 19th

October 28 – New Moon in Scorpio

We finish off the month with a New Moon in Scorpio, accented by a Mars square Saturn on October 27 and Mercury stationing retrograde in Scorpio on the 31st

What this means: All month we have been moving between states of complete lightness and the confrontation of our deepest depths. Each relationship, externally and internally, has made us aware of what lurks in our shadows, and how these shadow bits have influenced us in creating our reality, our structures, and have defined the limits of our personal power. By unleashing the underworld, practicing some pleasure activism, and then taking the directive energy of the Aries Full Moon, we have arrived at a place where we can feel just as comfortable being in the dark as we are standing in the light. Deepen your awareness of your darkness and light with Marlene Malik’s Illuminate Your Light Workshop on October 26th. The New Moon in Scorpio will allow you to take full advantage of this newfound security and acceptance – the reward at the end of this transformative tunnel is the appetite and capacity for meaningful, emotional exchanges and the revealing of the complex self to others without hesitation or fear. This doesn’t mean that all your communication will be perfect, in fact Mercury retrograde will almost certainly ensure that there are some kinks to be worked out. Yet this is the exact process that will allow us to make our feelings crystal clear for ourselves and others. 

I hope this serves you in some way. Enjoy this beautiful month of change and growth.

Sat Nam,

Marie Schoppen is a psychospiritual therapeutic practitioner based in Toronto, Canada. She offers clients Archetypal Guidance, Reiki, and Food Therapy. She’s also Lotus’ resident email newsletter writer 🙂 www.schopiana.com