Yogi Bhajan is the father of Kundalini Yoga. He brought the practice to North America in 1969 and there are over 3000 videos of him giving lectures on yogic teachings, and teaching the original versions of yoga sets and meditations.

You’re invited to join us for Yogi Bhajan Movie Night. We’ll gather as a group and learn together from the master, practicing yoga and meditation under his video instruction.

All are welcome, no yoga experience is necessary. Tea will be served and fun will be had. Please note movie nights are on pause for Summer 2015. Upcoming movie nights:

Saturday September 26th 2015
Saturday October 31st 2015
Saturday November 28th 2015
Saturday December 19th 2015

Movie nights start at around 7:30pm, stay tuned for movie-themes and timing details closer to the date as we programme each month.