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* Dates : Wednesday evenings, Oct 9 / 16 / 23 / 30, Nov 6 / 20 / 27, Dec 4 (8 weeks)
* Time : 7pm – 9pm
* Register : pre-registration is required for this course,
   [email protected] or call 647-678-2337
* Cost : $350 + HST ($395.50)

There is no more thrilling adventure than intelligent spiritual practice. This course features a mix of instruction and guided meditation, as well as a bit of historical and sometimes neurobiological context for the different techniques. The intention is to give people the tools to enhance their well-being, and also to increase people’s contemplative literacy without getting all culty and precious. Classes are based primarily on the Basic Mindfulness System of Buddhist teacher and scholar Shinzen Young

Eight classes over eight weeks. Suitable for beginners who want to learn the basics, and for more experienced practitioners who want to expand their meditation repertoire. The idea is to equip people with more than one meditation technique, as not only do situations and opportunities change, but people themselves have different proclivities and interests.

Techniques include:

  • deconstructing thoughts and emotions
  • anchoring attention in the external world
  • working with states of deep relaxation and surrender
  • practicing “reconstructive” loving-kindness

The primary workshop objectives are to give participants a strong understanding of the dynamics of meditation in particular and spiritual transformation in general, and to ensure that by the end of the course they are established in their own customized meditation practice, which they can then use as a departure point for existential swooping and loving cosmic villainy.

A practice is said to “work” if, in a reasonable time frame, it delivers at least one of the following:

  • Reduction of your physical and/or emotional suffering
  • Elevation of your physical and/or emotional fulfillment
  • Deeper knowledge of who you are
  • Positive behavioral changes
  • An amplified spirit of love and service towards others

Registration for this course includes:

  • Eight classes of guided meditation and discussion
  • Weekly reading and sitting assignments
  • Hardcopy of Jeff’s Meditation Workbook
  • PDF of the meditation manual
  • MP3s of all meditation techniques


Oct 9 – Introduction to Basic Mindfulness, Love 1
Oct 16 – Thinking and Imagery, Love 2
Oct 23 – Emotions and Equanimity, Love 3
Oct 30 – Sounds, Space and Sight, Love 4
Nov 6 – Body, Breath, and Change, Love 5
Nov 20 – Rest and Absorption, Love 6
Nov 27 – Surrender and Being, Love 7
Dec 4 – Customizing your practice

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