March 2020 Cosmic Forecast

Gurushabd Khalsa Wisdom

We are incredible receptors of inspiration, enlightened vision, and divine guidance. The universe is in our minds. Our wizardry lies in our capacity to move the intuitive into the corporeal through courageous action. This month get ready to break up with safety-seeking behaviour in favour of wisdom driven, revolutionary, and bold new pursuits of freedom for all. Your future is relying on the ‘you’ of today. What will you stand up for? 


Mercury Retrograde returns to Aquarius (March 4) prompting intellectual growth and the reworking of the way we network. Venus enters Taurus (March 5), grounding in its home sign and sending us running for everything cozy, nourishing, and luxurious. 

What this means: For the last five days of the retrograde, Mercury returns to the sign of Aquarius, shifting us from an internal, emotional, and faith-based focus of Pisces, and setting our sights on the horizon. Who belongs to your larger network? What ideology and which beliefs define your thoughts, words, and the way you communicate with the world? Retrogrades are a time of rethinking, redefining, and reworking. While the Piscean influence may have changed the way you felt the world, the Aquarian one aims to shift the way you think about it. Spend time clearing away the mental clutter in meditation and make fresh decisions about how you would like to engage with the world beyond your inner circle. What messages need filtering out and how can your personal expression be better realigned with what you believe in today (rather than reflecting what you may have stood for in the past)? Venus in Taurus is a lovely influence to have around. Venus is a planet that rules love, affection, and everything sensual. Reach out for the pleasures that create long-term wellbeing and invest wisely – friendships, good food, and the like. Taurus tiptoes the line between indulgence and sensibility; make sure to pay attention to which side of the line you are walking on (we suggest the middle way). Happiness is not always easy to accept in this world of strife, so come for the experience at our Kundalini Rebirthing Workshop: Embodying Happiness (March 7). 


Full Moon in Virgo (March 9) emphasizes our need to feel safe through the pursuit of order, clarity, and autonomy. Mercury stations direct (March 10) ending a period of mental haziness and communication disorderliness. Chiron squaring North Node (March 14) may make the wounds around finding our purpose feel extra sore. Mars sextile Neptune (March 14) helps us embody our spirituality. 

What this means: This is an intense week that is supportive of our ability to make mindful, soulful changes that lead to a greater sense of comfort – so long as we don’t shy away from getting in touch with our wounds. Our bodies and spirits are primed for a meeting, and while there may be a feeling of immense tenderness and fear, we are ultimately being driven toward, not away from, our purpose. Virgo is a sign of the unclaimed and untethered woman, one that stands in her own power with grace. The Full Moon in Virgo energy calls for a humble acceptance of what cannot be changed and gracious action towards what can. Not all our wounds will ever be healed fully, many will continue to trigger us throughout a lifetime. This does not mean that something has gone wrong and we should not give up on progress, nor the pursuit of what makes clean sense to our core selves, just because some things continue to ache. This week teaches us that the way through pain is by making it, along with embodied divinity and inspiration, a welcome companion on our lifelong journeys through this world. Set your intentions and allow the lunar illumination to help you in carrying them out over the next six months.

Learning new skills and practices can sometimes trigger the most anxiety. Allow us to ease any newbie nerves at the Intro to Kundalini Yoga: Beginner’s Workshop (March 8). Then join us for a special Full Moon: Mantra Meditation and Gong Relaxation Class (March 9). And if you need extra help in meeting those wounds, there is nothing like a Breathwork Ceremony (March 14) to develop gracious tenderness towards oneself. We also encourage you to join us for an evening Gong Bath: Sound Healing with Multiple Gongs (March 14) to soothe what hurts most.

For those seeking healing and connection in light of recent events in the Kundalini Yoga world, we are also hosting White Bird in a Golden Cage: Group Sharing Circle (March 15) online and in-person to discuss, re-examine, and revaluate the narratives of our lineage and to address any traumatic content explored in the book. We would love for you to join us. 


Mercury enters Pisces (March 16) binding our thoughts with our emotions and dreams. Uranus sextile North Node (March 19) spurs on sparks of genius from deep within our unconscious. Sun enters Aries (March 20) starting off a new astrological year. Mars conjunct Jupiter (March 20) creates an incredible opening for starting anything that requires a lot of energy, initiative, and courage (Lady Luck is on your side). 

What this means: This is a week of celebration and looking ahead. A new astrological year creates an opportunity for a reset – especially for those that are more aligned with the rhythms of nature rather than dates on a calendar. The feeling of renewal will permeate the air and just in time too – nature is starting to awaken, and it requires tenacity, audacity, and a little bit of luck, to get things going for the new growing season. Our thoughts may not be their clearest right now, Mercury is not at it’s happiest in Pisces, preferring instead the energy patterns embodied by the analytical and laser-focused Gemini and Virgo. But fear not, while your rational mind may take a break for a time, your intuition will be at an all-time high. A cloudy, dream-like mind is the perfect recipient of spontaneous, intuitive, and inspired knowledge from the depths of the unconscious. Don’t try to make sense of anything that emerges, simply test how it makes you feel instead. Do you feel expanded and transcendent when this thought or image runs through your mind? Does it touch your emotions more deeply than thoughts normally do? Does it feel like something that you’ve always known but could never, maybe not even now, put into words? You may also experience grief, as Pisces heralds in completion of a cosmic cycle. Allow the end to become a beginning by allowing yourself to daydream – this will be your guide for what is coming next. While your mind may be in for a whirl, your body will be here to support you in all your endeavors – with Jupiter on the scene you can trust that all your endeavors will be successful. There is no need to wait for clarity. However, it never hurts to give your mind room to come into its own. We recommend the transformative experience of the monthly Aquarian Sadhana (March 20) – there is nothing better when a reset is needed. If you wish to understand the concept of intuition better, may we suggest that Journey Through the Chakras: The Upper Triangle (March 21) is perfect for you. 


Saturn enters Aquarius (March 22) helping us in creating a better future. Mars conjunct Pluto (March 23) amplifies the powerful energy of the shadow. New Moon in Aries (March 24) carries in the raw qualities of initiation. Mars enters Aquarius (March 30) making us eager to fight for individuality, freedom, and our communities. Mercury exits shadow zone (March 30) putting this retrograde cycle to rest. Mars conjunct Saturn (March 31) rewarding those who put in the work in making things happen.

What this means: We might be in Aries season, but Aquarius hasn’t got the memo. In fact, he is primed for teaching us a lesson in independent thinking and doing. As Mars and Saturn take on the water bearer’s energy (even if it’s only temporary disposition for Saturn, which will retrograde back in Capricorn soon enough), we can expect that our actions and motivations will suddenly become very future-oriented. No longer satisfied by gleaning motivation from survival alone, we are ready to abandon conformity for revolutionary action that can set us free. We are ready to fight for ourselves and our communities alike. With the lessons of the Mercury Rx fully integrated, we are ready to get to work in enacting bold plans and long-term visions. True, this will require facing our fears – but isn’t it worth it? Suppressing our fears only lands us into the perilous cycle of denial. Use the energy of the new moon to start something new and allow the Mars/Saturn conjunction to lead you towards well-planned solutions. Remember, Mercury is still in Pisces. You are not looking for clarity here – simply a vision and opportunities to apply this inspiration in honour of the future. Join us a special Candlelight Kundalini with New Moon Meditation Class (March 24) to set your intention alongside a likeminded community. Don’t let the stress of this month get to you either, take a break at the Stress Melt: Restorative Yoga + Thai Massage (March 28) event and get the support you need. If you are not sure where to start, come to the Earth Love: Caring for Self and Planet (March 29) workshop for some inspiring wisdom. After all, it begins with us. 

I hope this serves you in some way. Enjoy this beautiful month of change and growth.

Sat Nam,

Marie Schoppen is a psychospiritual therapeutic practitioner based in Toronto, Canada. She offers clients Archetypal Guidance, Reiki, and Food Therapy. She is also Lotus’ resident newsletter writer.