March 2019
Cosmic Forecast

Gurushabd Khalsa Wisdom

Aries is ruled by Mars, whose expression will be augmented by its interaction with Neptunian, Saturnian, and Plutonian influences, all bundled up in the warm arms of a Mercury Retrograde in Pisces.

Whew! What does this mean for most of us? March 2019 is a turning point in our ability to distill spiritual teachings into clear action, giving rise to previously inconceivable levels of courageous accomplishment for the sake of the collective, not only our own ego-driven needs.

This month we will learn to get captivated by the present, to respond quickly to the fires set ablaze by the retrograde, without a thought about the long term because we know that each conscious decision made in the moment shapes the future ahead anyway. By evoking the intuitive, psychic dreaming of Pisces early in the month, we can close March off with steady paced, powerful engagement inspired by Aries. Expect big breakthroughs in thinking just before the equinox as the rebellious Pluto, the proud owner of a kick-ass bullshit meter, makes a connection with the straight-talking Mars.

In the Kundalini community, both courage (Aries) and intuition (Pisces) are frequently called-upon allies on our path to mastery, allowing us to move beyond survivalist thinking towards a new, conscious model for human development. The energy of this month not only encapsulates the astrological new year but opens major portals for the intertwining of courage and intuitive knowing, allowing us to define and develop these two elements more easily and more powerfully than we could have in the sleepy, regenerative months of the winter proper.


March 5th – Mercury Stations Retrograde in Pisces
March 6th – New Moon in Pisces
March 20th – Spring Equinox / Astrological New Year (Celebrate!)
March 21st – Full Moon in Libra
March 28th – Mercury Stations Direct (followed by a 2-week “integration period”)


Krista’s informative workshop on the lunar elements of our anatomy kicks off the month, drawing us to connect to the rhythms and cycles of the feminine beings around us. The focus on the feminine can be grounding as it erects a balancing, cooling point to the fieriness of Aries.

Likewise, you can experience the warming energy of the deeply feminine Venus during the Spring Equinox Workshop and on the Full Moon in Libra, celebrating the meeting of the yin and yang energies that birth spring. This is a turbulent time, so seeking out additional support may be welcome, especially as Saturn dances with Mars, calling us to do more and to do it better.

Attending tutorials on essential Kundalini practices, like Home Practice 101, Breath of Fire, Body Locks and Mantras, can help to keep our energies up and find pleasure in a structured approach to living, especially when the world around is undergoing immense change. For newcomers to Lotus, starting your journey with David’s workshop can support you in creating the foundations that will carry you through the months ahead.

This season may also bring up a lot of (sub)conscious pain, so powerful Aquarian tools such as gong baths, rebirthing kriyas, and breathwork should be used liberally to ensure that we drop toxicity as it emerges. For anyone working through addiction, the dual influence of Venus and Mars can give rise to difficult-to-combat cravings – Nirmal Singh, and the community at Lotus, is here for you.

I hope this serves you in some way. Enjoy this beautiful month of change and growth.

Sat Nam,

Marie Schoppen is a psychospiritual therapeutic practitioner based in Toronto, Canada. She offer clients Archetypal Guidance, Reiki, and Food Therapy. She’s also Lotus’ resident newsletter writer 🙂