Sunday October 30th

Urban Retreat:
The Lunar Woman and her Moon Centres

with Eva Blumenfeld & Demetria Jackson

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NOTE: This event has been postponed and will be re-scheduled for late January 2017.
Apologies for any disappointment!
We <3 you and are doing our best to confirm a new date asap.

Join Eva Blumenfeld and Demetria Jackson for the opportunity to dive deep into your inner world and discover your power as a Lunar Woman. During this day-long urban retreat, you will get to know your 11 moon centres, your own lunar cycle and its rhythm, and make a big difference in how you approach yourself, your work, your passions, and your relationships.

About the Moon Centres and Your Retreat:

Women have always had a special connection to the influence of the moon. It is well known how the moon impacts the tides and other bodies of water including our own. As women, our bodies go through a monthly hormonal cycle that waxes and wanes just like the moon. According to ancient yogic scripture our connection to lunar energies goes even deeper than that. Women actually have what is known as 11 moon ‘centres’, which are physical points sensitive to lunar energies spread throughout the body. These centres that we cycle through every 2.5 days have their own qualities that affect our perception, emotions, moods, and ultimately, our behaviour.

Have you ever noticed that your thoughts and emotions can fluctuate even throughout a single day? One minute you could be the happiest most confident woman in the world and the next, be irritable and frustrated at everything and everyone that comes your way. Understanding your moon centres can help you to map out the major shifts in your emotional body and feel supported by it as you plan your life accordingly. Rather than thinking of these changes in our emotional lives as a handicap needing to be “handled”, we can see our emotional life as an asset. Our abilities as lunar beings to change are a reflection of the deep power of a woman to be flexible, receptive and able to sensitively respond to the demands of life. Being aware of your lunar cycle means you can deliver exactly what is needed exactly when it is needed in creative, precise and impactful ways. How powerful is that?

During your time with us you will:

  • Learn the specific qualities and forces found within each of the 11 moon centers
  • Get insight into the emotional and behavioural rhythms of your psyche and learn how to predict important emotional, mental and behavioural patterns/tendencies
  • Learn how to track your unique lunar cycle using tools given to support this process
  • Learn tools and remedies to help you stay balanced throughout your cycle
  • Choose from a variety of options to access follow up tracking support with Eva and/or Demetria

Here’s what else you can expect from the day:

  • Kundalini Yoga
  • Pranayama (Breath Work)
  • Mantra and Meditation
  • Lunar Activation Ritual
  • Pendulum Workshop (as a thank you from Demetria and Eva for attending the workshop you will go home with your own pendulum)
There will be a break for lunch (bring a packed lunch or eat out at the many restaurants nearby). Tea will be served throughout the day.

About the Teachers

Eva Blumenfeld is a reiki and energy healing practitioner and delves deeply into the teachings of Kundalini yoga as well as other eastern and western traditions in her yoga classes. She also hosts seasonal events, such as solstice, as well as gatherings at the new and full moons.

“My passion is in making space: new space, safe space, shared space, Sacred space, joyful space…. Any space where you can be You. Where you can let go into your body and temple and be at home in your own Soul. Where you can live through connection and knowing, fully expressing You in this moment. When you’re ready, I invite you to come within. There is no judgement in this place within, just your own loving presence that is waiting to hold all of you, both shadow and light, pain and joy, known and unknown. There is no need to abandon yourself anymore, or feel like you should be anymore than what you already are. You can relax, trust, and receive the creative flow of your own existence. By doing so you create the life you never even knew you so deeply wanted, that is in harmony with All, and that is nothing short of an ever-unfolding miracle. Let’s simply be, and simply be together. Sat Nam” —Eva

Demetria Jackson is a body positive activist and plus-sized, trauma sensitive yoga instructor who knows how hard it can be to muster up the courage to come to a yoga class when your body doesn’t fit the so-called norm. Whether you’re in a bigger body, have sore knees, tight tips, an achy back, tender wrists or any other bodily constraint, Demetria has a modification for you. In her classes you can expect dynamic warm ups, high-vibe playlists and creative modifications to help you release blocks, heal yourself, and experience radical transformation.