Leslie’s Story:
When dance classes became a source of frustration, Kundalini replaced them.

Mark Ramos Stories

“I love Kundalini Yoga because it always brings me back to me.

It gives me that place of peace and security that is often lacking in the outside world. Knowing that this place exists makes it easier to face life’s daily challenges.

It has helped me cope with spending months in a hospital environment, dealing with other people’s emotions.

When dance classes became a source of frustration, Kundalini replaced them. Instead of walking out of a dance class feeling a complex web of emotions, I can walk out of a yoga class always feeling better, no matter how terrible I felt walking in.

When I started Kundalini I couldn’t believe how the simplest thing could be so difficult – breathing in particular. As a dancer, it made me realize that there were many more levels to explore and that being ‘in shape’ in one way did not necessarily translate to being ‘in shape’ in another. I know that my relationship with my body during my dance career would have been quite different if I had been practicing yoga at the time.

I love teaching Kundalini Yoga because I love watching people open up to their possibilities. I love seeing people suddenly connect with their inner strength and drop the self-labelling. It’s a beautiful thing.”

Leslie M.

Photograph by Cylla von Tiedemann.

Many years ago, Leslie McAfee traded in a ballet barre for a yoga mat. As her body absorbed the many benefits of Kundalini Yoga, she wished that she had come to yoga not at the end of her dancing career, but rather at the beginning of it. Sharing her love of dance was a life-affirming experience; sharing her love of Kundalini Yoga has become yet another.

Leslie teaches weekly Kundalini Yoga classes at Lotus Yoga Centre. She specializes in sharing her practical understanding of anatomy and how the body works, and enjoys guiding students to hold postures intelligently and refine their movements in a new ways.