Saturday, May 16

Kundalini Rebirthing Workshop
Virtual Livestream

with Bir Kaur

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Rebirthing kriyas have a powerful affect to clean the subconscious mind so you can live in harmony with your soul. When the subconscious mind is clear you have an opportunity to think, feel and experience life from the soul level versus from habitual and unconscious patterns. Rebirthing kriyas help people from all walks of life to move forward in their destiny with courage and joy. 

In this virtual workshop, Bir Kaur will guide you through one of those kriyas, which will address the time shortly after when the soul enters into the fetus (the 5th month). This workshop is perfect for the intermediate student or enthusiastic beginner as meditations and kriyas are longer in time than a typical Kundalini class. Note this rebirthing kriya is unique compared to rebirthing kriyas from other lineages. To amplify the potency of the class, there will be a warm-up kriya before the rebirthing kriya. No prior experience is necessary.

Please have a mat, reliable internet connection, headphones (if needed) and cushion available. Create a quiet and sacred space for yourself without distractions. Since we are creating a group energy just as if we were in person, you will be encouraged to keep your video on during the workshop.

You’ll join us live via Zoom, and get lifetime access to the recorded workshop so you can practice and repeat again anytime.

Date & Time

Saturday, May 16, 2020
11 AM – 1 PM, EST

Please register at the latest by 8 PM, EST, on Friday, May 15 in order to receive livestream access. 

Choose Your Own Pricing

We have three pricing options available, depending on your means. Please choose what you can afford. Once registered, you will receive an email on Friday, May 15, with the livestream access link and further instructions on how to join.

Option 1: $30 + HST
Option 2: $25 + HST
Option 3: $20 + HST

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About the Teacher

Bir Kaur Khalsa helps others embody the courageous warrior within themselves so they can experience the richness of life with more ease, while not giving into the overwhelming chaos of the world.

She offers healing and teaches people with chronic emotional or physical pain how to harmonize their mind, body and spirit through Zero Balancing and Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan. She has over 18 years of experience and education in western and eastern healing modalities. / @bir_kaur_khalsa