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Saturday November 19th

Kundalini Basics

with Demetria Jackson

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Join Demetria Jackson in a comprehensive introduction to the fundamentals of Kundalini Yoga. If you are new to the studio and are craving teachings geared towards beginners, this is the workshop for you. We’ll give background and share the history of Kundalini Yoga, and you’ll learn the purpose of each element of class. We’ll share tips for best practice: how to properly do body locks (bandhas), basic breathing, get the most out of mantra, and ways to deepen concentration and relaxation. There can be a lot going on in a Kundalini Yoga practice, so the more knowledge you have, the quicker you’ll be able to focus and self-initiate when you’re in class.

Pre-registration is required as we need to print materials in advance. If you’re planning on coming, make sure to pre-register below.

Date & Time

Saturday November 19th
1:00 – 4:00 pm


$25 Early Bird Price by Nov 15th 
$30 Regular Price

$20 + HST for those who are currently on their Newcomers’ Special.

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About the Teacher

Demetria Jackson is a body positive activist and plus-sized, trauma sensitive, yoga instructor who, before finding Kundalini Yoga, actively avoided yoga classes like the plague. Having experienced it all from condescending tones, to uncomfortable stares, to being offered little to no modifications, and being singled out in class as an assumed beginner without any prior conversations, Demetria knows how hard it can be to muster up the courage to come to a yoga class when your body doesn’t fit the so-called norm.

Demetria frequently works with beginners, clients in larger bodies and clients with a variety of bodily constraints and/or disabilities including (but not limited to) sore knees, tight hips, achy backs and tender wrists. She loves to teach her students how to use props to support their practice and work with their unique body, rather than against it.

Committed to bringing Kundalini Yoga into communities that aren’t able to access to the practice, Demetria works with Freeing the Human Spirit to share this transformative practice with inmates in Toronto Detention Centres.

Demetria is known for her high-vibe playlists and soulful classes that open the heart centre and challenge the body and the mind giving her students the opportunity to release blocks, heal themselves and experience radical transformation.