June 2019
Cosmic Forecast

Gurushabd Khalsa Wisdom

A month of culmination, expect to see things coming to a head. Whatever dynamics were present 6 months ago in your life are yearning to be seen, acknowledged and brought to light, into our conscious awareness yet again. Go slow. Be deliberate. Extract every ounce of wisdom from your experiences this month. And most importantly…do it all in community.

Monday June 3 – New Moon at 12˚ of Gemini (6:01AM):

The first major transit of the month is the New Moon in Gemini. In astrology, the Moon represents our habits. A New Moon presents an opportunity to start a new habit or renew a commitment to an old or pre-existing one. In Gemini, this New Moon asks us to consider slowing down so we can build real connections, communicate consciously, focus our mental energies, and take the time to truly learn something in-depth.

Tuesday June 4 – Mercury enters Cancer:

Mercury will be in Cancer for the majority of June. Here the objective messenger planet gets dipped in the ocean of Cancerian feels, encouraging us to express how we feel as well as offering us the emotional intelligence we need to consciously communicate with those around us. As the planet that governs the mind, Mercury rules our perceptions, decisions, thoughts, and opinions. In Cancer, our mental processes are influenced by our moods, past experiences, and insecurities. Work with this mercurial energy by exploring your intentions before adding anymore responsibilities to your plate. Give yourself ample time and space to make decisions—and do so in alignment with both your head and heart.

Event Spotlight:
Join Krista Amar Atma in all of your Cancer feels for Liberate Your Lions: A Kundalini Practice to Open the Heart (Saturday June 8).

Saturday June 8 – Venus enters Gemini:

Here until July 3, Venus in Gemini persuades you to show affection through communication. You may find pleasure in getting to know someone over coffee, catching up on the latest gossip with a friend, debating current events, and pursuing whatever feels exciting or sparks your curiosity in the moment.

Event Spotlight: Join Bir Kaur on Thursday June 13 for the finale of her Power of Prosperity classes. In this class, you’ll satisfy your urge to connect and communicate by chanting, the Bahota Karam mantra for 62-minutes in community, alongside other kundalini yogis.

Monday June 17 – Full Moon at 25˚ Sagittarius (4:30AM):

Where the New Moon presents the opportunity for cultivating new habits, the Full Moon creates the conditions for reaping their results. In Sagittarius, this Full Moon illuminates the opportunities for growth that we’ve experienced in the last 6 months (from the time of the last New Moon in Sagittarius).

Sagittarius, like Gemini, hates to stagnate. If you feel like you’re in the same place you were 6 months ago, this Full Moon will give you the emotional jolt you need to get this growing. Whether you’re feeling inspired to relocate, take a trip or sign up for a new course or training program, this Full Moon will inspire you to go on an adventure.

If you’ve been spending the last six months growing and evolving, take this time to digest your experiences and sit with the lessons and perspectives you’ve gained along the way.

This is also a good time to explore your relationship to commitment. As an archetypal energy primarily concerned with growth and expansion, Sagittarius tends to find commitment restrictive. However, there comes a point in life where too much growth can become self-destructive. This Full Moon asks us to consider how we might be letting ourselves down by avoiding our more practical responsibilities in a never ending search for adventure and deeper meaning.

Friday June 21 – Sun enters Cancer:

As the Sun enters the watery depths of Cancer, we are reminded that life is fertile, ripe with opportunities for growth and transformation through vulnerability and emotional connection. In Cancer, the Sun shines a light on that aspect of ourselves that wants to feed, nourish, nurture, protect, provide safety, create intimacy and give life. This is a good time to explore any emotional attachments that may be hindering your evolution.

Event Spotlight: For more information, check out my Cosmic Kundalini Class for Cancer Season (Sunday June 9).

Friday June 21 – Summer Solstice:

Summer Solstice marks the start of the waning cycle of the year and arrives when the Sun is at 0˚ of Cancer. Like the Full Moon, Summer Solstice represents a time a culmination, when the solar energy is at it’s peak. To work with this energy, reflect on the issues and dynamics that presented themselves to you last December during the Winter Solstice. These issues are likely to be the ones emerging for you this time of year, as are the results of actions taken since then. Summer Solstice reminds us of our innate, creative power and capacity for regeneration and deep transformation. Once you’re clear on the issues and messages you’re receiving, celebrate your progress, your light, and release the rest to the Universe.

Event Spotlight: Summer Solstice Aquarian Sadhana. Join Kundalini Yogis in community to welcome in the longest day of the year with early morning prayer, yoga, and chanting (Friday June 21).

Friday June 21 – Neptune retrograde at 18˚ of Pisces:

Here until November 27th, Neptune retrograde is one of the best transits for deep soul work and spiritual development. Neptune is the planet of illusion and fantasy. When it retrogrades, it gives us an opportunity to retrace our perceptions so that we can separate reality from the illusion and finally get to the truth of the matter.

Neptune is also the planet of devotion and idealism. With all the scary things going on in the world right now, this retrograde gives us the opportunity to renew our faith and belief in an ideal world that is currently beyond our physical sight. When the world feels overwhelming and the tension between our desire to save the world and our inability to escape the sense that we are victims of it becomes too great, it can be so tempting to just turn off the news, and choose ignorance as an act of self-care. However, this retrograde cycle asks us to consider the global side effects of indulging our urge to escape from the imperfections of the current world. Awareness can be painful, but it also breaks us wide open and the world need more open hearts and open minds right now.

Event Spotlight: Neptune transits often prompt us to retreat into ourselves so we can take a break from the chaos. Amardeep’s Multiple Gong Bath or Elizabeth’s Community Thai Massage — both on Saturday June 15 — are the perfect opportunities to help you zen out.

Thursday June 27 – Mercury in Leo:

At the end of the month, Mercury leaves touchy Cancer and enters proud Leo encouraging us to speak and think with more confidence. A fire sign, Leo brings the drama, creativity, and personal power and in Mercury, it wants to be heard. This is a great transit for any kind of public speaking, self-promotion, theatrical, or creative work. It can also draw in romantic inspiration. On the shadow side, because of Leo’s tendency to self-centre, this transit can make it difficult for us to truly listen to what other’s have to say. Take a deep breath and listen twice as much as you speak this transit. If you get the urge to give someone unsolicited advice about their life, be sure to check in first and ask for their consent before sharing your wisdom and perspective.

May this month’s astrological forecast serve your growth and journey to liberation in some sweet way. If you’re interested in learning more about the planets in astrology, check out my upcoming Astrology for Beginners Workshop on Saturday July 13.

Sat Nam,

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