July 2019
Cosmic Forecast

Gurushabd Khalsa Wisdom

It’s finally Summer and with Mars in Leo and Venus in Cancer for the majority of the month it finally feels like it. This is the perfect month for cookouts, barbeques, family reunions and fun with loved ones—but watch out for family drama. With two eclipses and a mercury retrograde on its way, the first full month of summer will likely be an emotionally charged one filled with misunderstandings and miscommunications.

July 1st – Mars enters Leo (until August 18th)

Summer is finally here and Mars in Leo wants us to play and direct our energy towards having more fun in the Sun. Spend the next several weeks indulging your inner child, trusting your joy and doing all the things that make you feel excited to be alive. Mars is a fiery planet that governs your drive, motivation and energy. In larger-than-life Leo, we are driven to express ourselves in ways that attract admiration and make us feel important. Leo is a generous sign, however when expressed unconsciously, this generosity can come with strings, ulterior motives, and expectations of reciprocity. Be mindful and be fair to others. If you want to give, either give from the heart without all the strings or be clear about your expectations so everyone is on the same page. Both Mars and Leo are extremely ambitious, confident, and action-oriented energies making it the perfect time to pursue big goals. If you have a dream you’ve been putting off, the universe is giving you a seven week nod of approval to go after it.

July 2nd – Total Solar Eclipse in Cancer (3:16pm)

The first of two eclipses this month, the Solar Eclipse in Cancer functions like a supercharged New Moon. This is a powerful time of sober reflection and deep understanding about your life on several levels. It’s also a potent energy to work with if you feel called to create new habits, embrace new beginnings and set feel-good intentions around your home environment, your family, your culture, your self-care rituals, your relationship with money, your intuition, your emotional wellbeing, your attachments to the past and your ability to implement boundaries and respect the ones others have created.

July 3rd – Venus enters Cancer (until July 27th)

With Venus—planet of love, money, and pleasure—spending most of the month in nurturing Cancer, self and communal care become top priorities and indulgences this month. Spend time making real connections. Learn a new recipe. Cook for your loved ones. Spruce up your home décor. Curl up with a good book. Self-care. Meditate. Cancer is often considered a money sign because of its intense desire for security. When Venus enters Cancer, we can be much more cautious and reserved with our money. However, balance is the key. Too much caution and this transit can trigger pre-existing issues pertaining to scarcity and economic insecurity. Ultimately, if used consciously, this transit can be a great one for learning how to save and better manage your money.

July 7th – Mercury retrograde (until July 31st)

On the 7th, Mercury begins its backward spin at 4 degrees of Leo. Mercury retrogrades always give us an opportunity to learn something new about our past and about things that we take for granted (and therefore put off) in our everyday lives. During a Mercury retrograde, it’s not uncommon for exes, old flames and past hookups to slide into our DMs, text us out of the blue, or to even run into them on the street. It’s not uncommon to have car troubles, or for public transportation become super unreliable. It’s not uncommon for technology to go wonky, for important emails to get marked as spam or for people to misinterpret or misunderstand us. Prepare yourself. Mercury retrograde teaches us about patience. It teaches us about slowing down so we can pay attention to the details—the little things that we take for granted, but that make life so much more easier and enjoyable. Mercury retrogrades also teach us the importance of closure. If you have the opportunity get or give closure, do it. This is a really good time to cross your t’s and dot your i’s—to take care of all the nitty gritty, mundane, boring tasks that you need to do to keep your life moving smoothly.

July 16th – Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn (5:38pm)

On the 16th, we have a Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn that will be exact at 5:38pm. Lunar Eclipses happen during Full Moons and because of their intensity, their energies can be felt for much longer than a typical Full Moon and they typically feel much more drastic too. Eclipses tend to trigger us. With a Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn you can expect your triggers to reflect themes of responsibility, work, obligation, structure, authority, conventionality, success and control. Instead of burying whatever feelings surface, drop into whatever comes up for you around this time with the emotional maturity and neutrality you need to prevent creating new wounds or deepening pre-existing ones.

July 22nd – Sun enters Leo (until August 23rd)

Towards the end of the month, both the Sun and Venus join Mars in Leo. The Sun in Leo puts the spotlight on YOU. What would it feel like if, for once, you were the center of your own universe? What would happen if you took care of your needs before you tried to take care of everyone else’s? What does joy look like and can you embrace it without waiting for the other shoe to drop? These are some of the questions to reflect on during Leo Season. Let the light in, my friends.

July 27th – Venus enters Leo (until August 21st)

We close out July with Venus entering Leo, the sign in the zodiac associated with drama, pride, extravagance and self-expression. In its highest expression, this energy encourages us to be bold, courageous and gives us the inspiration we need to add more dimension, flavour and excitement into our lives. Adorn your temple. Take pride in your appearance. Make yourself, your home or your friends feel more glamorous. Spend your money on experiences not things. Splurge—a little. Step into your personal power. Don’t shy away from compliments and reciprocate by telling the people you care about what you love and value about them as well.

As always, I hope this monthly cosmic forecast serves you in some sweet way.

Sat Nam,

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