Saturday In Person Kundalini Yoga

Every Saturday

at 10:00 – 11:30pm

Today with Jai Gopal

Aquarius governs our authenticity, eccentricity, and uniqueness. It is futuristic and community oriented. This New Moon carries a lot of charge and can help us see things from a new and innovating perspective yet it can create restlessness and a bit of anxiety as it squares its modern ruler Uranus.

We will focus on moving some of the excess energy out of our bodies and nurture ourselves while staying open to new insights and vantage points. 

This session is about celebrating our individuality and how we contribute to the beauty of our community container.

What You’ll Need: Bring your own mat. Blankets and cushions are available.

Registration: Space is limited to 10 participants. Pre Registration is absolutely required. Address details will be provided upon registration.

Cancellation policy is 12 hours prior to the class.

 LOCATION: College & Bathurst

DATE & TIME: Every Saturday, 10:00-11:30pm

PRICE: $18 + hst or 5 Class Pass $75 + hst

Jai Gopal has been practicing Kundalini Yoga since 1993 and became certified to teach in 2007. As a dedicated teacher who continues to study, Jai Gopal also uses techniques from her additional specialty trainings in Mind and Meditation, Stress and Vitality, and Beyond Addiction.

Jai Gopal’s classes encourage students to explore limits with respect and sensitivity while developing awareness and going inward. She is passionate in sharing her knowledge of Kundalini kriyas and mantras to help others use their gifts, continue to grow, and be the change they wish to see in the world.

When she is not teaching or practising yoga, Jai Gopal can be found bicycling around the city, nibbling something deliciously vegan, running the Toronto Vegetarian Association book club, dancing with friends, or snuggling up with her adorable kitties and partner.