With Mary Paterson, Saturday December 22nd, 9-10:30 am

From Mary:

I came upon these 2 joyous mountain boys during my trek in the Himalayas after taking a wrong turn and becoming temporarily separated from my trekking friends. In order to find my group, I began calling the name of my trekking guide “Dorje!” I shouted. The boys giggled loudly and repeated after me: “Dorje!”  I delightedly shouted Dorje’s name over and over again just to hear the boys giggle and mimic me. This lifted my spirits up as high as the clouds above.


Later that day, I carried a young baby on my shoulders up the steep rocky mountain for hours to help a 12 year old girl who had her baby sister balanced on her back on top of a huge basket heavy with food. Life in the Himalayas is not easy, conditions are extremely harsh to put it mildly. Yet they are the happiest people I’ve seen anywhere. Full of love and joy amidst hardship. I have reflected for many many hours on their happiness. 

I’m very happy to say I will be teaching at Lotus on Sunday, Dec. 22nd at 9:00 am — a class of yoga poses and meditations to prepare for the holidays — to bring more freedom and joy into all of us! I’ll do my best to share some wonderful things with all of you. No pre-registration is required, just drop-in! 

Look forward to seeing you then 🙂

Lots of love,