Friday January 19th

Healthy Breast Workshop:
Introduction to the Healthy Breast Program

with Sat Dharam Kaur

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The Healthy Breast Foundations and Yoga Program is a course consisting of 12 modules. You may register for modules separately or take the program as a whole.

About This Workshop

In this workshop, Module 1 of the Healthy Breast Program, you will:
  1. Understand the pattern of breast cancer globally
  2. Discover the top twelve tips for breast health and other protective intervention strategies
  3. Evaluate your personal risk factors and protective factors in relationship to breast health
  4. Integrate an exercise regimen into your life
  5. Learn breathing practices to promote healing
  6. Make a conscious choice about improving your health

About The Course

The Healthy Breast Program is an intensive learning program to help you live vibrantly, improve breast health, reduce risk of breast cancer and reclaim your health. We focus on natural therapies in conjunction with conventional diagnostic and treatment options. Join us to connect with your joy and learn practical tools to transform your life, including meditation, Kundalini Yoga, diet, nutritional therapies, breast self-massage, exercise, and group support.

The Healthy Breast Program runs from Jan 19, 2018 – Nov 30, 2018, and is taught by Sat Dharam Kaur ND on 12 Friday afternoons from 2-5 pm over 12 months. Each session combines Kundalini Yoga, meditation, and tools for natural breast care, centred around a specific theme.

Date & Time

Friday January 19th
2:00 – 5:00 pm


$40 + HST

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More Info

For questions about the workshop, please contact Sat Dharam Kaur at 519-372-9212 or

About the Teacher

Sat Dharam Kaur graduated in 1989 from the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine with awards in homeopathy and psychology. She holds both B.Sc. and B.A. degrees from the University of Guelph and a diploma in fine art from the Ontario College of Art. Sat Dharam was awarded the “Naturopathic Doctor of the Year” award by the Ontario Association of Naturopathic Doctors in 2000 for her work in breast cancer prevention and environmental education.

Sat Dharam developed the Healthy Breast Program in an effort to educate women in naturopathic ways to prevent and treat breast cancer. She has taught the Healthy Breast Program to patients and the public since 1996 and lectures regularly at The Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine on breast health and stress management. She presented the Healthy Breast Program at the first, second and third world conferences on Breast Cancer in 1997, 1999 and 2002, and at conferences around the world.

Sat Dharam’s bestselling books include A Call to Women, The Complete Natural Medicine Guide to Breast Cancer, and The Complete Natural Medicine Guide to Women’s Health.

Sat Dharam has been studying Kundalini Yoga with Yogi Bhajan since 1979 and has facilitated teacher training programs in Toronto and New Mexico. She has developed a yoga-based addiction recovery program, as well as a breast health yoga training. She has been a guest instructor at the summer Kundalini Yoga Festival in France, at 3HO Women’s Camps in New Mexico, at the Toronto Yoga Show in 2004-2015 and the Toronto Yoga Festival 2008. Sat Dharam teaches a popular and transformative 220-hour Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training Program in Toronto, Owen Sound, and Alberta, Canada. Find out more at