Saturday August 3rd

Gong Bath for the Heart:
Healing with Multiple Gongs

with Kirtan Ravi Kaur

Gurushabd Khalsa Expired Workshops

Join Kirtan Ravi for a Gong Bath and immerse yourself in the healing vibrations of multiple gongs. Meditate or lie down, deeply relax, and re-set yourself physically and mentally.

The Gong has been used for hundreds of years in the practice of yoga and meditation to accelerate the therapeutic transformation of yogic practices. Gong resonance has the power to wash away negative thoughts and bring about a state of peace. Master Musicologist Philosopher Dane Rudhyar describes the gong as being “a musical engine releasing cosmic power.”

We’ll prepare for the Gong Bath by setting a clear and positive intention. Then, we’ll perform a short Kundalini Yoga kriya to open the infinite flow of the heart. Finally, we will immerse ourselves in a 60-minute Gong Bath.

Please arrive early to avoid disruption to those in relaxed states. Thank you.

Date & Time

Saturday, August 3rd
7:00 – 9:00 pm


$25 + HST Early Bird Price by Tuesday, July 30th
$30 + HST Regular Price
$20 + HST for Members

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About the Teacher

Kirtan Ravi has a master’s thesis in education, with a focus on yoga and meditation as an important tool to allow students to get a holistic education. Certified as a Kundalini Yoga teacher, a Reiki practitioner and a gong player (studying gong techniques with Grand Gong Master Don Conreaux), Kirtan Ravi offers a wide-ranging perspective to the yogic lifestyle. She brings joy and love to each class she teaches. She is passionate about sharing Kundalini Yoga to help everyone achieve their own excellence and live life to the fullest. She weaves the powerful teachings of Kundalini Yoga with the transformational vibrations of gong resonance to guide others on their personal journey to health, happiness and bliss.

Kirtan Ravi has felt the truly transformational power of Kundalini Yoga and gong therapy in her own life and is grateful to share these techniques with others. Her classes have a friendly, supportive, and uplifting atmosphere where participants are encouraged to care for mind, body and spirit.