The Gift of Womanhood

Tuesdays, 12:00-1:30 pm
with Krista Schilter

Inner mastery is about waking up to our essence as a woman. Inner mastery is about self-discovery. Together we will blend a profound formula of transformational Kundalini Yoga techniques and meditation for liberating our psyche. We will touch our souls by delving into our mysterious design and uncovering an authentic identity as a sacred women.

This series will flow for 8 months: 30 distinct classes that are designed to both build upon one another and stand-alone. Drop-in or come to all 30. We will explore topics such as: woman’s nature and design, stable male polarity, changing structural violence, healing archetypical mother wounds, woman’s creative identity, shakti power, manifesting with the elements, from fear to love in mind and emotions, living prayer, magic, and miracles.

This offering is a safe space and open to all regardless of sex, gender identity, and sexual identity. Anyone can benefit from these teachings as we are simply upgrading our awareness and raising our vibration as we become more conscious of the flowing feminine force in relation to the stable masculine force that resides within us all. We are transitioning from fear + anger towards peace + love through examination of both oppression and liberation.

Expect a short discussion, pranayam (breath exercise), kriya (dynamic movement), deep relaxation with gong, and meditation. As we develop love and respect for ourself we help to change the global system at its very core. Be an agent of change and elevate.

You may drop-in or sign up online. Use your regular Lotus class pass.

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Tuesdays, 12:00-1:30 pm
30 Distinct Classes
Sept 5th 2017 – April 10th 2018
 (no class Dec 26 or Jan 2)

About the Teacher

Krista Schilter spends her time connecting with people and places near and far. She takes her cues from an array of sources and styles, influenced greatly by her travels and practice around the world. Her interests include urban agriculture and horticultural therapy which lend to a reclaiming of a lost connection with nature. She believes that a mindfulness practice and a connection with self through the natural world will provide us with the means to reset and recharge ourselves.

Krista teaches Vinyasa, Hatha, Yin, and Kundalini Yoga at studios around the city.