February 2020
Cosmic Forecast

Gurushabd Khalsa Wisdom

Tough Love. After the trials and tribulations of the last month (a cosmic event not seen since the time when many of the OG Kundalini mantras were gifted to the gurus), we slide back into a moment of reconnection and revaluation. Aries and Mars take the centre stage this month, creating impetus for the establishment of well-defined personal boundaries and passionate connections. Oh, and there is a Mercury Retrograde. Here’s the Cosmic Forecast.

February 1 – 8

Mercury enters shadow zone in Aquarius prior to going retrograde later this month. It doesn’t linger in the sign of the water-bearer for long – just a day later it slips into the sign of Pisces, bringing greater compassion to our communication. As the week closes off, another interior planet changes its expression. Venus will enter Aries, bringing spice and passion to our all our relationships (including that with ourselves!) 

What this means:

Aquarian energy is often associated with the eleventh house of a natal chart – an area that governs our wider social network (things like clubs, political associations, teams, and the like). As Mercury enters the shadow zone in the last degree of Aquarius, we can expect our thoughts to linger on our community and what our associations to speak in this world. Take care to be methodical with your words and keep an eye out on illusionary/misleading information being sent around social media spaces. Instead, seek out supportive public events that focus on supporting your individual development without requiring you to buy into any one way of thinking. As Venus begins to move through Aries, we may feel a desire to relate more spontaneously, moved by our bodies’ wisdom to express passion, enthusiasm, and liveliness. Aries has a dark side – impatience and coarseness. When coupled with the retrograde shadow zone, it can create a recipe for disaster so take care to lead with compassion in order to tap into Aries’ effervescence rather than bluntness. Check out Good Vibrations: Esoteric Acupuncture + Gong Sound Healing (February 8th) to help the body move that bold energy around more freely and watch your connections sparkle. 

February 9 – 15

Full Moon in Leo opens the second week of February, aspected by the asteroid Vesta in Taurus, leaving only the Aquarian Sun to bring any airiness to the cosmic layout. Venus will square the North Node on Valentine’s Day, making us more prone to overindulge for pleasure. Not too worry – the very next day Uranus will stand semi-sextile Chiron, reminding us that true healing and soothing comes only from the spirit. 

What this means:

Planetary meetings might feel a little suffocating this week, but we are also being offered a way though – throw a party. When Leo and Taurus meet, you know there is a good time to be had (especially if both can put their stubborn natures aside for just a little while). All of us will be craving connection, play, and sensual pleasure during this time, so why not combine all of these into a true moment of stress relief, en famille (whoever that may be for you!) Not all parties are wild affairs – some are just made up of good tune and good people. We like to think that our 12 Nights of Gong (February 9th – 20th) as micro parties where everyone is welcome. For those who prefer to destress in a more intimate setting, make sure not to miss Thai Massage for Partners: Learn the Art of Compassionate Touch (February 9th), where you will learn how to share the gift of physical touch to enhance the wellbeing of others. When Venus and North Node square, we may find ourselves making karmic connections at the most surprising times – yet another reason why bringing people together is not a bad idea. But remember, there is such a thing as too much of a good thing and not all connections are meant to last forever. In fact, even the briefest of encounters can change the way we see the world around us. Don’t forget that the most important relationship that you have is the one with yourself – check out this month’s Special Edition of Friday Night Writes to dive in deep into your personal relationship with love (February 14th). Remember to bring a friend for free! Let the Universe surprise you on this Valentine’s Day and watch out for your soul’s cues as to who (and what) might inspire your spirit’s deepest growth and healing. To learn more about one of the body’s most restorative energetic centres, the heart, Journey Through the Chakras (February 15th). Let Dharm show you how to regain self-love and joy wherever you may be in your healing voyage.   

February 16 – 23

This week, Mars will enter Capricorn, gifting us with a quiet strength that you sense and know not to mess with. This sense of self-assurance combines with Mercury stationing retrograde (until March 10th), potentially making it harder to fulfill our soul’s need to connect (fuelled by Sun entering the all-loving Pisces). But it’s not all bad news – Jupiter will sextile Neptune, making it easier to work out positive solutions to any conflict that arise due to miscommunication or opposing needs, while Mars trine Uranus, will encourage you to take mindful risks to help the process along. While Mars simultaneously squaring Chiron might make us fearful of opening up (think the feeling that you get when you have to go to the dentist, there is profound healing to found now. The week closes off with New Moon in Pisces, creating an opportunity to renew (or recommit) to personal dreams. 

What this means: Many of us have trouble setting boundaries. We might fear the whole endeavour, preferring to remain porous to the world, or simply lack the skills needed to set clear boundaries gracefully. In fact, many of us are not even sure what our boundaries are in the first place nor how they look for others. The result is a social tapestry filled with individuals who are drained, living with little sense of safety or freedom, unable to accept and embrace the needs of others without feeling alienated by them. If this sounds familiar, this week’s energy may offer support in exchanging this pattern for something healthier and more manageable. We will likely come face to face with each other’s “no’s” quite abruptly and although the arising mercury retrograde might make miscommunication (and tension) more probable, we are likely to also experience a desire to take a risk and have the difficult conversations anyway. Check out Kundalini Rebirthing: Seeing Beyond Polarities (February 16) to clear the mind if you feel stuck in a rigid, polarizing dynamic with yourself or another. Healing often requires leaps of faith and moments of fearlessness. The mantra for this week is, “feel the fear and do it anyway”. Grow your capacity to stay steady through the discomfort by attending the Lotus monthly Aquarian Sadhana (February 21st) – free as always and now accompanied by live music. Use the energy of the New Moon to dream up a new future for yourself and act, including the setting of healthy boundaries, to make it a reality. Reinforce the clearing the Breathwork Ceremony (February 22nd) and invoke the wealth of the Universe during a special New Moon Class (February 23rd) featuring the incredible Subagh Kriya.

February 24 – 29

A light ending to a month of love, with Mars standing conjunct to the South Node. When heavenly bodies are conjunct with one another, they are operating as one. The South Node deals with the past – which may be karmic in nature. Mars, much like the God is it named after, deals with war, pride, and prestige. There might be a temptation to settle old debts and share the wisdom from past lessons in a forceful or competitive manner. However, if we can infuse this week with a sense of valour (rather than self-injustice), then we may find ourselves surrendering to the prudence of the warrior inside us all. 

What this means: 

It takes work to balance our inner knowledge/experience with mindful action. Surrendering to the flow of our lives might mean that we will be held accountable for our past misdeed, maybe even be penalized for them. However, resisting the penalties might mean also losing out on the wisdom of the lessons that they teach. It can be hard to let go of the desire to be right – yet many of us must as this week we may be facing the consequences of battles we may not even remember fighting. Most of us have created internal spaces where we stash away the knowledge of our defeats and moments that we still must make up for. We subvert the accountability system into a general self-loathing that keeps us trapped and often acting in ways that made us hurt others in the first place. The only way to release this debt is to pay it – whether that is through inner forgiveness (if the situation cannot be undone) or through compassionate action towards another. This is not an easy thing, but what can make it easier to reduce existing tension and prevent the build-up of new unconscious distress is a daily at-home practice. Not sure where to start? Join Tammy for a Kundalini Tutorial (February 29) on how to develop and maintain a home practice (Kundalini Yoga’s most transformative, potent, and powerful tool). 

I hope this serves you in some way. Enjoy this beautiful month of change and growth.

Sat Nam,

Marie Schoppen is a psychospiritual therapeutic practitioner based in Toronto, Canada. She offers clients Archetypal Guidance, Reiki, and Food Therapy. She is also Lotus’ resident newsletter writer.