Elana’s Story:
I went in with a cynical mind and left with my eyes and heart broken wide open.

Gurushabd Khalsa Stories

I came to Kundalini by accident. I was searching around for a deal on yoga classes for my last ditch attempt to connect to my body through this practice. I came across Lotus because it was close to where I lived. I wasn’t expecting what was to become of this discovery.

I have always wanted to be a devout yogi and tried for over a decade to connect to a style, and more importantly, a studio, that I felt met my needs. I found many of my experiences to fall flat, that there was more of a ‘scene’ than a practice that tended to my mind, body AND spirit. Then came Kundalini and Lotus.

Although I am still very much a novice, from my first class with Jai Gopal, I was instantly enamoured. The class felt like a warm hug I’d been waiting for and left me feeling both intensely zen and incredibly energized. I have found a renewed sense of calm and contentment since I began and my relationships have benefited on every level.

I am on a journey to recover my body and spirit having suffered a major heart attack at only 39 years old last year. I walked into that first class and knew in my heart that I had found the practice and community I was looking for. From the welcoming vibe to the modifications during the class, to the yogi tea following the class, I felt that I had really stumbled upon an outlet for all that my body and mind has needed for it’s recovery.

I went in with a cynical mind and left with my eyes and heart broken wide open. I look very forward to seeing what the Kundalini practice and Lotus can continue to teach me. I suspect it will take a lifetime to really understand the true benefit of Kundalini and I am excited and encouraged to learn one class and insightful experience at a time.

Elana T.