Sunday June 9th

Cosmic Kundalini Class:
Cancer Season

with Demetria Jackson

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Join Demetria Jackson for a Kundalini Yoga class all about Cancer.

On June 21st, the Sun enters sentimental Cancer initiating a 30 day portal to explore the aspect of your Self that craves emotional security. Cancer is the archetypal energy of the zodiac often associated with motherhood, home, family, emotions, and the past. During this time of year we are drawn to experiences where we can feed, nurture, protect, and create intimacy. Because of the sheer sensitivity of this archetype, you may also find yourself easily triggered and drawn to holding onto the past, even when you know it’s not doing you any good.

In this 90 minute class, you’ll experience a sweet but powerful kundalini yoga practice for self-preservation that stimulates the neutral mind allowing you to let your guard down, drop defensiveness, and create space for tenderness and vulnerability in your every day life.

This is a beginner friendly class. No previous astrology or Kundalini Yoga experience necessary.

Date & Time

Sunday, June 9th
9:30 – 11:00 am

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About the Teacher

Passionate about creating and holding space for people who are learning how to come home to and make peace with their body, Demetria Jackson creates a grounding, consent-based and shame-free atmosphere that gives you permission to explore your body at whatever depth feels safe for you. She’s known for her high-vibe playlists and soulful classes that open the heart and challenge the body/mind giving you the opportunity to release blocks, heal yourself and experience radical transformation.

Learn more about Demetria at and follow her @demetriajackson.