Class Descriptions

The quintessential Kundalini Yoga experience.

Classes vary greatly depending on what kriya the teacher decides to teach, but each class includes warm-ups, breathing techniques (pranayam), an exercise set (kriya), deep relaxation, chanting, and meditation. Experience your self deeply and notice a transformation towards physical strength, heightened awareness, mental clarity, and happiness.

Join us on a journey of the Sacred Sound. Your senses will be guided to travel with the high frequency of shakers, drums, singing bowls, wind chimes, gong & tuning forks while your body remains in a state of complete relaxation. The high vibrations of these ancient instruments are also used to balance the chakras (energy centres of the body).

Allow your mind, body and soul to indulge in a full body Sound Bath to achieve an enhanced sense of wellness, release blocked emotions and feel more balanced in your own being. This is a unique journey like no other.

Experience a 31-minute Kundalini Meditation to invite peace, embrace joy and connect deeply. You’ll use breath, mantra, mudras (hand gestures), and eye focus to become fully present. 

Most of the class will take place seated, however, warmups will be offered at the beginning of class to open, stretch and prepare the body for meditation. A variety of props are also available to support you in finding a comfortable seated position so that you can completely focus on the meditation. Meditators of all levels are welcome. No yoga or meditation experience is necessary to participate in this class.

A Kundalini Yoga class with a focus on mental wellness for everyone. Learn effective yogic tools to bring balance, joy, and vitality to your life. Each class includes warm-ups; breathing techniques (pranayam) to calm the mind and ease anxiety; an exercise set (kriya) to strengthen the adrenals and cleanse the body; deep relaxation; mantras to help balance, heal, and cultivate self love; and a meditation to change negative thought patterns and cultivate new habits.

A sacred start to the day; 20 minute group meditations, every weekday. Invite peace, embrace joy and connect deeply. Experience a different approach depending on each teacher.  The session may include breath, mantra, mudras (hand gestures), and or eye focus to become fully present. Meditators of all levels are welcome. No yoga or meditation experience is necessary to participate in this class.

At its essence, the techniques in Kundalini Yoga help you to connect more deeply with yourself, and become more fully present and aware in each moment.

There is a heavy emphasis on breath in Kundalini Yoga. Each posture comes with a specific breath pattern, and we always open class with a pranayam (breathing exercise) to open the lungs and clear the mind. Breath provides power for you to go deeper into a posture and for your energy to be transformed.

Every class incorporates mantras – chanting and singing sacred words. We use sound as a tool to experience the present moment and shift out of negative thought patterns. Chanting lifts the spirit and aligns your mind with the vibration of the divine.

Each Kundalini Yoga class incorporates a kriya, a series of postures for a particular effect. Your experience will vary greatly from class to class depending on what kriya the teacher decides to teach that day. Movements range from repetitive flexing of the spine, to more familiar postures such as downward dog, to lying on the floor and laughing. Expect the unexpected.

We close our eyes and turn our focus inward during many exercises. You may be directed to focus your gaze towards the ‘third eye’, between the eyebrows. This helps to focus the mind and brings us to a more present state of being.

Every class includes meditation, usually at the end of the class after the kriya. Kundalini Meditations are quite varied, and often incorporate a specific breathing exercise, mantra, and mudra (hand gesture). In our classes, meditation ranges from 3 minutes to 31 minutes.

Everything we do in class is designed to open up the flow of energy within the body. This allows us to become more physically fit, release stagnant emotions, and open up to new levels of vitality and creativity. Each kriya balances different chakras (energy centres) and helps to increase the flow of prana (life force). Exercises incorporate bandhas (body locks) in order to enhance postures, align ourselves, and direct the flow of energy in the body.

Many of postures and elements of class may feel unconventional, and you will be confronted with the choice to either respond with resistance, or surrender to the experience and meet your edge. In any exercise, you are encouraged to move at your own pace and modify as needed for your own body. As you get more familiar with the practice, being present, keeping up, and making conscious decisions to take your body and mind beyond your comfort zone will make all the difference. Surrendering to the experience will clear fears you didn’t even know were there, and give you an immensely strong connection with your self.