Saturday, January 18th

Journey Through The Chakras:
The Lower Triangle

with Dharm Kaur

Gurushabd Khalsa Expired Workshops

Join Dharm Kaur for Journey Through the Chakras, a series of 3 workshops exploring the invisible wheels of energy within the body. In this workshop series, we will journey through the chakras to break through old patterns imprinted in our energy system and bring ourselves back to our true Essence. Attend all 3 workshops to explore the complete chakra system, or drop-in as you like. 

Embrace Your Personal Power and Reclaim Self-Worth.

In this first workshop, we will explore the Lower Triangle, the first three chakras, where past traumas are imprinted. Old hurt may result in low self esteem, shame, guilt and self-blame, and self defeating tendencies. We create a story about our past and we may get stuck in it, repeating old patterns. Coping mechanisms adopted early in life served us then, but usually limit us in the present.  

We will use Kundalini Yoga practices to balance the root chakra to feel secure and able to express our needs. Balancing the second chakra will help regain passion for life, creativity and self-respect. Third chakra work helps us break through self-limiting beliefs and stuck patterns; in a balanced state it strengthens will power, commitment and self-worth. 

A strong and balanced Lower Triangle is like a spring-board to our highest potential.

Date & Time

Saturday, January 18th
1:30 – 4:00 pm

View Workshop 2: The Heart Centre | Saturday, February 15th
View Workshop 3: The Upper Triangle | Saturday, March 21st


$40 + HST Early Bird Price until Tuesday, January 14th
$45 + HST Regular Price
$35 + HST for Members

or $99 + HST for All 3 Workshops

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About the Teacher

Dharm Kaur has been practicing Kundalini Yoga for over 28 years. Taking the Master’s Touch Teacher Training with Yogi Bhajan in 1997 transformed her life. Dharm is now a Kundalini Yoga teacher, a teacher trainer and the ‘Beyond Addiction Yogic Path to Recovery’ program trainer. Her calling always has always been to share the teachings with those needing them the most: under-privileged populations, homeless youth and people recovering from addictions.

Dharm loves traveling and learning from various traditions. She lived in Nova Scotia and studied with Buddhists; her travels to India turned into deep spiritual journeys. Experiencing the energy of old holy places, the pujas, rituals and blessings at monasteries and ashrams enriched her own spiritual path.

Dharm loves family time with her twins, Joseph and Zofia, and enjoys nature. In the summer, she recharges with Kundalini Yoga practice by the water; she loves winter walks or cuddling with her cat and reading.

In her warm classes, Dharm encourages students to trust their inner guidance, open their hearts, experience the vastness of their Spirit and the sweetness of connection with the Infinite within.