Breathwork Ceremony

with Joanna Baron

Gurushabd Khalsa Expired Workshops

Breathwork is a radically releasing, profoundly elevating, deeply healing and oxygenating practice. People often compare a breathwork session to a potent dose of medicine, therapy, and energy healing in one. It clears stuck emotional patterns and belief systems, strengthens intuition, opens the heart, and fosters body-mind awareness. One session of breathwork can cause major acceleration and shifts.

“Magical”, “intense”, “healing”, “surreal”: these are a few of the ways participants in Joanna’s last Breathwork Ceremony described their experience.

In this Breathwork Ceremony, we’ll engage in light movement, and learn how to practice a specific breathwork pattern. Participants will be lying down and breathing for approximately one hour, where they’ll be guided through a breathing journey with a curated soundtrack. We’ll end with the most blissful savasana of your life including gong and leave time for processing and coming back slowly at the end.

The session includes optional hands-on adjustments with essential oils to deepen your experience (if there are no allergies).

Date & Time

Please note this event is postponed due to unforeseen circumstances. We are looking for a June date to reschedule. Email to be kept on the update list.

About the Teacher

Joanna Baron has been practicing yoga since she was a child. She is a devoted daily practitioner and avid student of Yogi Bhajan’s teachings. She has completed teacher training, as well as advanced trainings in the women’s teachings of Kundalini Yoga (Immense Grace), Yogi Bhajan’s teachings on business and prosperity (Aquarian Business Academy), with her teachers Guru Jagat, Harijiwan, Tej and Gurujas of RA MA Institute in Los Angeles, Mallorca, and New York City. She also completed David Elliott’s Breathwork Healer’s training in Los Angeles, which she teaches from in her Breathwork Ceremonies.

She shares reflections and favourite practices @thisistechne and