Saturday March 16th

Kundalini Tutorial:
Breath of Fire and Body Locks

with Tammy Keren

Gurushabd Khalsa Expired Workshops

Enhance the quality of your yoga practice and achieve a healthier relationship with your body, mind and spirit by understanding Breath of Fire (Agni Pran) and Body Locks (Bandhas). Both are basic elements of Kundalini Yoga practice.

The Bandhas— the 3 Body Locks – are gateways to developing core strength, sensitivity, and subtlety. Applying them correctly will heighten your awareness and make meditation much more effective.

Breath of Fire is one of the foundational breath techniques used in the practice of Kundalini Yoga. It accompanies many postures, and has countless beneficial effects.

In this 1 hour tutorial, you will learn and experience the power of Breath of Fire and Body Locks in a small group environment, with one-on-one attention. You’ll become confident in knowing how to apply the techniques correctly on your own. We will also explore comfortable sitting positions and modifications.

Date & Time

Saturday March 16th
1:30 – 2:30 pm

About the Teacher

Tammy Keren‘s love story with yoga started decades ago in Israel and turned into a serious, committed relationship as soon as she took her first Kundalini class in Toronto in 2014. Ever since then she has been an eager and dedicated practitioner and learner of Kundalini Yoga. She continues to be a committed student, continuously looking for ways to deepen her practice and expand her study of yoga.

In her classes, Tammy passionately shares the many gifts of Kundalini Yoga and its incredible tools to enhance health, happiness, empowerment and self-discovery. With her warm and joyful presence, Tammy creates an uplifting, safe and welcoming environment for students at all levels to soften, become present, and explore. She loves getting to know students and is genuinely inspired by their growth – in their practice and through it.

In addition to her Kundalini Yoga training, Tammy is a certified Hatha yoga teacher and an instructor of Restorative yoga and Yin yoga. She is also a certified Reiki Master and a Life Coach in the Adler tradition.

When she is off the mat Tammy loves spending quality time with her 3 awesome daughters, journaling and enjoying everything that life has to offer.