Sunday January 13th

Art of the Immaterial:
Kundalini Yoga Workshop

with Hsin-ya Chow

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Join us for a Kundalini Yoga workshop inspired by the artist Marina Abramovic. Her art, which has absolutely nothing to do with yoga, has absolutely everything to do with yoga. The environments created in her performances are a pressurized chamber of human limits and boundaries. The end result is a bifurcation point. From the yogic sciences, the jewel that emerges from a bifurcation point is the precise catalyst responsible for the evolution of humanity.


Visiting teacher Hsin-ya Chow will guide you in a study of Marina Abramovic’s art of immaterial, and you’ll experience two Kundalini Yoga kriyas inspired by the themes in Marina’s art: one to develop your hidden greatness, and a second to propel a sense of warrior endurance. Our final segment is a special meditative portion – to see the totality in another, and to witness the transporting qualities when the soul and destiny become present.


Recognized as one of the most pre-eminent artists of the 21st century, Marina Abramovic is often referred to as “The Grandmother of Performance Art” (though she now prefers to be thought of as a warrior, rather than Grandma).

When Marina Abramovic was a young artist, she performed a gallery show called “Rhythm 0” that would mar her for years to come. In the show lay a table. On the table lay 72 objects. Objects for pleasure / objects for pain. A rose, a glass of water, a knife, a pistol. The instructions: I am an object. You can do anything to me. The artist takes full responsibility, even killing me. The year was 1974.

Thirty-six years later, the artist did a different kind of show. Full of pleasure, full of pain, the instruments were the artist and a stranger–you, me, the guy you know, the guy you don’t know. “The Artist is Present” was featured in New York City’s Museum of Modern Art. It consisted of Ms. Abramovic sitting up, up to 10 hours straight, every day, for three months straight, staring straight, straight into the eyes of her object. MOMA’s curator found the idea laughable. This is New York, people don’t have even one minute to sit, was the sentiment. The people of New York found it intriguing. The 2010 show, performed in her mid-sixties, generated proportions the MOMA had not yet encountered. Some 850,000 strangers appeared, including her former long-time lover. The ensuing art it became known to trigger was the altering of consciousness—solely on one’s presence.

Date & Time

Sunday January 13th
1:30 – 4:30 pm


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About the Teacher

Hsin-ya Chow is a writer and Kundalini Yoga teacher. She has worked for Harper’s Bazaar, Lucky, Money, TimeOut New York, and Baby. In 2012, she received an Artist Grant for her proposal to share Kundalini with highly creative, yet underserved communities. She has taught to artists, yogis, a Home for the Mentally Challenged in South Africa, foster kids and teens, and the elderly. Her workshops are focused on elevation through Kundalini’s ancient physical and meditative mechanisms. She offers Kundalini workshops to yoga studios, non-profits, businesses, and friends.

Hsin-ya is a visiting teacher, based in Ohio. Don’t miss out on this special one-time workshop!