April 2019
Cosmic Forecast

Gurushabd Khalsa Wisdom

A month of new beginnings. A New Moon in Aries beckons us to take a break from routine and let our inner child play, while the *triple* planetary retrograde invites our adult selves to slow down, rethink, and reevaluate the belief systems that define our growth and personal power. Are you ready?

With the multitude of responsibilities we have on our plate on any given day, it can be easy to forget that you, too, have needs. Over the next couple of weeks, take a break from your routine, sprinkle in some spontaneity and self-care in ways that make you feel excited to be alive.

This month is also marked by retrogrades as Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto commence their backward spin until August, September and October, respectively. Whenever a planet retrogrades, it gives us an opportunity to slow down, re-evaluate, and address the issues associated with that particular planet so we can move forward. Commonly referred to as social (Jupiter, Saturn) and outer (Pluto) planets, these energies invite us consider how we internalize the events and changes of the world around us. Jupiter, for example, asks us to re-evaluate our belief systems—specifically the ones we’ve adopted from societal influences—and consider where these belief systems are taking us personally and collectively. Pluto’s retrograde gives us an opportunity to reflect on how we cope with changes outside of our control. This includes life and death cycles, as well as global changes that impact everything from the economy, to human rights, immigration and the environment. This retrograde asks us to explore our concept of power and become conscious of the ways in which we seek to reclaim our power in the moments when we’re left feeling completely powerless. Finally, Saturn’s retrograde helps us re-evaluate and possibly restructure the foundations (i.e., rules, belief systems, goals/ambitions, root conditionings) on which we have built our lives. Over the next 5 months consider: Do these foundations align with who you are and who you are becoming? Or, are they just serving as barriers that limit your personal power?

In addition to the triple axel of retrogrades, the Sun enters Taurus on the 20th affirming the messages of Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto by inviting you to look closely at your values, your attachments, and your sense of self-worth before investing any time, energy or resources towards realizing intentions set during the previous season.


April 5 – New Moon in Aries
April 10 – Jupiter retrograde (until April 17 – Mercury enters Aries
April 19 – Full Moon in Libra
April 20 – Sun enters Taurus
April 20 – Venus enters Aries
April 24 – Pluto retrograde (until October 3rd)
April 29 – Saturn retrograde (until September 18)

I hope this serves you in some way. Enjoy this beautiful month of newness.

Sat Nam,

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