Sunday January 28th

Kundalini Yoga with the Masters:
Yogi Bhajan

with Shivalee Paliwal

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Join us for a special two-hour Kundalini Yoga class infused with voice recordings from Master Spiritual Teacher, Yogi Bhajan. Master teachers are those that have realized their oneness with the Supreme and who work selflessly to inspire humanity to realize the divinity within themselves.

Yogi Bhajan began learning yogic teaching at the age of eight with Master Sant Hazara Singh, who named Yogi Bhajan to be a Master of Kundalini Yoga at the age of sixteen. He brought Kundalini Yoga to the west in 1968. In his first public lecture in 1969 he shared his firm conviction that every human being had a birthright to be “Healthy, Happy, and Holy”. Yogi Bhajan, a master communicator, spoke in a candid, and often humourous manner. He could be both charming and pointing, depending on the what the occasion required. Students felt as though Yogi Bhajan was speaking directly to them and his messages had a lasting effect.Yogi Bhajan has said “Don’t love me, love my teachings”, and his teachings have spread across the world as a technology for peace, strength, and awareness.

Kundalini Yoga with the Masters is a new series of Sunday night classes, once a month, with Shivalee Paliwal. Shivalee was inspired to create this class through the immense gratitude and reverence she holds for the master teachers in her life. She believes that a master’s voice carries a direct and strong vibration that can impact a person’s consciousness profoundly. Shivalee has designed these classes to be a deeply immersive experience where she will do limited talking and instead allow the master teacher to establish their presence and link.

Join us and allow messages from enlightened teachers to open your heart and deepen your connection to the infinite. The class will include pranayama (breathwork), Kundalini exercises (Kriya), meditation, and relaxation.

Date & Time

Sunday January 28th
6:00 – 8:00 pm

Pricing & Registration

Attend using any regular Lotus Class Pass, or drop-in for $19 (includes HST).
Space is limited. Please register in advance to reserve your spot.

About the Teacher

Shivalee Paliwal spent most of her years as a classic type A personality – always on the go, filled with a sense of urgency, and looking for the next thing to tackle. Her lifestyle lacked balance and consequently impacted her health and well-being. Being of Indian descent and having been exposed to yoga growing up, she had a natural affinity to the practice and philosophy. Shivalee describes yoga as her ‘self-healing toolbox’ which allows her to continue to keep up and engage fully with life’s excitement and challenges while also building a strong, healthy, and balanced self. Shivalee holds her certification to teach Kundalini Yoga, has over 10 years of experience teaching classical and contemporary dance, holds an MBA from the Schulich School of Business, is an honours mathematics major, a Registered Holistic Nutritionist, and is trained and experienced in adult education.