Kundalini Yoga to
Heal with Mother Nature

Thursdays, 7:30-9:30 pm
with Eva Blumenfeld

Join Eva Blumenfeld for a new Thursday night, deeply immersive, 2-hour class.

We’ll use Kundalini Yoga and connect with mother nature to heal ourselves and our earth. Kriyas, pranayams and meditations will be curated to keep us tuned into the energetic pulse of the planet. We will nurture our sensitivity to the earth’s magnetic field, to the five elements that make up our constitution, to the planetary movements, to the collective consciousness of all life, and to the divine feminine that is now rising on the planet.

You may drop-in or sign up online. Use your regular Lotus class pass.

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Special Class Dates

Oct 19th: Join us for a special class for the New Moon in Libra.

Dec 21st: Join us for a special Winter Solstice Class (7:30-9:45pm).

Dec 28th: With New Years just round the corner, this class will be focused on using pranayama and meditation to help discover and set intentions for the year ahead. Please bring something to write on and with. This year be prepared, take your time, and do it right!

About the Teacher

Eva Blumenfeld is a reiki and energy healing practitioner and delves deeply into the teachings of Kundalini yoga as well as other eastern and western traditions in her yoga classes. She also hosts seasonal events, such as solstice, as well as gatherings at the new and full moons.

“My passion is in making space: new space, safe space, shared space, Sacred space, joyful space…. Any space where you can be You. Where you can let go into your body and temple and be at home in your own Soul. Where you can live through connection and knowing, fully expressing You in this moment. When you’re ready, I invite you to come within. There is no judgement in this place within, just your own loving presence that is waiting to hold all of you, both shadow and light, pain and joy, known and unknown. There is no need to abandon yourself anymore, or feel like you should be anymore than what you already are. You can relax, trust, and receive the creative flow of your own existence. By doing so you create the life you never even knew you so deeply wanted, that is in harmony with All, and that is nothing short of an ever-unfolding miracle. Let’s simply be, and simply be together. Sat Nam.”