Walking Meditation:
Breathwalk in Nature

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Breathwalk is a simple, natural and effective way to improve your physical and mental wellbeing. It is a practice for everyone, from extreme athletes to people who don’t get much physical activity. It has been proven to relieve anxiety, depression, stress, moodiness, low stamina, hypertension, poor circulation and so much more. Join us to explore the outdoors and learn a …

Trust Yourself:
Ego vs Intuition

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This workshop has been cancelled. Email info@lotusyogacentre.com to get on the waiting list for future. We all have the ability to guide ourselves, we just don’t always know where to start. Join Tara Good to begin exploring how connection to intuition can happen, and where you can begin. Through guided meditations, energy healing and discussion, we will begin to break …

Honouring the Divine Mother:
Gong Yoga, Voice Meditations, Reiki & Cacao Ceremony

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This honouring ceremony is for the goddesses and the spouses of goddesses, for mothers, and of course all the daughters. This opening, transformative practice is for everyone who would like to honour coming into the essence of mothering. It is not just for women. It’s for anyone who would like to open up to feminine energy, Mother Earth, Kundalini Mata …

10 nights of gong

10 Nights of Gong

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Want to heal, relax, and release tensions and worries? Come experience the power and mystery of 10 Nights of Gong Immersion – recommended by Yogi Bhajan as a cure for what ails you. The symphonic sound of the gong suspends the mind’s thought patterns, reduces stress, and promotes physical and mental healing by stimulating the glandular system and facilitating the …

Kundalini Rebirthing Workshop:
Your Soul in the Driver’s Seat

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Yogi Bhajan taught a series of Kundalini Yoga rebirthing kriyas in the late 80’s which all have a profound power to clean the subconscious mind. In this workshop, Bir Kaur will guide you to have a direct experience of learning how the subconscious picks up debris with life experiences, and how to unload your subconscious blocks. Yogi Bhajan recommends clearing …

Simrit Live in Concert

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~ Please note this event is located at St. George’s Lutheran Church on College St. ~ It won’t take very long after the music begins for you to realize that this isn’t your average chant and world music concert. From the transporting sounds, the high-frequency vibe, the world-class musicianship, and Simrit’s mesmerizing VOICE…Get ready for lift off! The Songs of …

yogi bhajan kundalini yoga

Kundalini Basics

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Join Gurushabd Khalsa in a comprehensive introduction to the fundamentals of Kundalini Yoga. If you are new to the studio and are craving teachings geared towards beginners, this is the workshop for you. We’ll give background and share the history of Kundalini Yoga, and you’ll learn the purpose of each element of class. We’ll share tips for best practice: how to properly do body locks (bandhas), basic …

Aquarian Sadhana

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Sit, dwell in the thoughts and words of the soul, and peel away all your non-reality with the vastness of your spirit. – Yogi Bhajan Aquarian Sadhana is an early morning practice to cleanse your mind, uplift your spirit, and set your day. It includes Japji (the Sikh morning prayer), Kundalini Yoga, and chanting. This same practice is done by …

Healthy Breast Workshop:
Detoxify Your Whole Body

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This workshop is a single module, and part of the full program Healthy Breast Foundations and Yoga Program, Toronto, Feb 10 – Dec 8, 2017. The Healthy Breast Program is an intensive learning program to help you reduce risk of breast cancer and reclaim your health. We focus on natural therapies in conjunction with conventional diagnostic and treatment options. Join …

Essence in Harmony:
Relieving Depression and Anxiety

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Depression and anxiety can occur when different aspects of your mind are imbalanced, limiting your ability to access a state of neutrality and peace within. Balancing the protective and creative aspects of the mind allows you to make decisions that are in alignment with your unique destiny and essence, while giving you a clearer sense of your purpose, belonging, and …